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Wow, that was so cool! I appreciate you playing and recording that!

Happens to the best of us. Special when you are developing alone. If you ever need an extra set of eyes, let me know!

Oh that would be really cool! I'll have to think about that. Thanks for the idea and for playing!

The resolution hid the icons at the top that show the controls. I'd maybe reduce it. Otherwise, fun game!

Love the look of this game! And it was a lot of fun to play too. Great job!

I played this  a lot longer than I thought I would. I really enjoyed trying different combinations to see if I could up my profits. Great job!

Few minor graphical things, like when you are facing right the gas sprays into your face and the font doesn't fit into the timer and enemies boxes. But over all it was a really fun game!

The resolution in the browser was huge, which made it a bit hard to play. But the pumpkin death animation was so satisfying. 

Love the art and the random generation really adds to the replay value!

Thanks! I appreciate the feedback!

Thanks! Yeah, I need to make a climb animation. And I'll totally make the enemies die in the spikes or when the rocks slam down! 

Thank! I appreciate the feedback.


Thanks! I'll make a note to reduce the speed of the parallax. I am sure that will help with motion sickness.

This was so much fun! I loved the way the sound speed up and slowed down. Seriously 5 stars!

Thanks Jasmine! I really appreciate you playing!


Haha, yeah. I debated on fixing that before submitting but decided it was sort of fun and not worth the time at that point. But I'll be fixing before my next update (after voting of course).

Thanks! I wish I could take credit for the art but they are online assets.  I agree with all your feedback.  Some of the issues are things I just didn't have time to fix. Platformers really aren't a great short game jam idea but this one felt like it needed to be made.


Yeah, I’m sure I’ll be adjusting the feel of the mechanics. I didn’t want to focus too long on it in order to meet the deadline. 

Thanks! I think. Lol. I am aware of a few bugs I didn’t have time to fix. How did you break it?! 

The art in this game is amazing! I love the overall look of your game page. You should totally adapted these game mechanics for an educational game. I can totally see this in a class room helping kids learn reading comprehension, memory, etc. 

The pixel art on this is amazing! My only small note is that the randomization on the obstacles could be a bit more balanced. There were times I'd be in the same lane for a long time because no obstacle would appear. 


Thanks for playing! We'll be adding more after the voting ends. We just didn't have enough time during the game jam :(.

Thanks for playing!

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Thanks so much for playing! So I totally watched you live while you streamed my game. It was a mixture of anxiety and excitement lol! I hope you'll check it out again once we add more features. Sadly we just didn't have the time to do everything we wanted.

Thanks for playing! It's good to know that the time works! I was worried it would only show my time zone or something lol.

The was awesome! The flailing arms had me giggling.

The controls felt very smooth and this game was extremely fun!

Firstly, I want a t-shirt with the cute hack virus monster on it! He is adorable. Secondly, I really enjoyed this game and impressed with how much you guys accomplished during the game jam. The only two things I'd have wanted is a indicator of what level I'm on and the tips to be displayed in a more clear manner. I'd see a tip off to the side and I'd start to read it and remember that a sys admin was chasing me and have to run off. But otherwise, really great game and love the art!

I really liked the art style. And the change of the background from the grass to the picnic blanket helped break up the game a little and give a goal to reach. 

Thanks so much for playing!

Thanks! I appreciate you checking it out. We'll be updating after the game jam for sure. I feel bad updating during voting. Seems unfair even though I was told on the Discord that it was okay to do.

No, you sadly can't scan yet. Trust me, kicking myself on that one. I learned a valuable listen this game jam, I was too concerned with minor details. But you live and you learn. We will for sure finish the game though! But thanks for checking it out!

Thanks! We will for sure finish this game. We are having a lot of fun with it!

This was a really clever idea! I think the art is really cute. I did think the game play was a little slow. And I wanted to be able to eat multiple bugs at once.. which maybe you can and I just suck at the game lol. But over all, awesome!

This would make an awesome mobile game! I really enjoyed it. A "bomb" mechanic would add to it. Like collect a bomb every 100 points that would just blow up a house. For sure a fun game.

This was a lot of fun! I was pleasantly surprised. I love the art! I was sad when my locusts were eaten. My only suggestion is adding some a way to know how much progress you have made or a time factor/high score system.  I'd have kept playing it if there was an ending and a way to like beat my time or score.

I like a challenge so I played this game for a while. I don't mind the sliding around as much as I thought I would. It added to the challenge. It just needs to be reduced a little. Especially the speed you build as you go. That was what really got me. I was almost more worth it to move forward a bit then stop in order to not build so much momentum. I think the other thing I'd want is more understand of where the check points are. A simple "progress saved" pop up message or a flag of some kind would be plenty. It felt like sometimes the check points where closer together than others. Which isn't bad but I couldn't guess because of the variation. 

I say all that to then say.. keep working on this. Some fine tuning and I think it'd be a really fun game. You could add power ups to add some more challenge or to help get over some of the more difficult corners. 

I love the style of this game! It was a weirdly satisfying but also like creepy burning the ants lol.