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How to fix bugs if they were made by the devil?...
Submitted by Ezil, AcoStar — 5 minutes, 17 seconds before the deadline
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Use of the Limitation#14.6964.696

Ranked from 23 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team members

Software used
Unity, MagicaVoxel, Blender

Use of the limitation
Do nasty things to poor office workers

Cookies eaten

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There's something wrong with this office, a creature lurking in the shadows. Ever since I joined as sysadmin it's been doing something to the computers. They break every now and then, giving me a ping on my tablet. Then I gotta go check it out. That's my job. To fix computers, not exorcise demons.

I'm just outside the server room when I see the dark, scaly tail. It's crawling away to the south. The computer has a strange red glow this time. The screen is all messed up. It's gonna take a while to fix this one, I can already tell.

I hear a scream. Sounded like one of the programmers. I run towards it - in the direction the thing slithered off to. It's Jim. He's hunched over with his hands over his face. There's a large scorch-mark by the door frame. It was trying to get away when Jim entered the room. It looked him in the eyes - just for a moment - before it vanished in a burst of flame. A moment he'll never forget. 


Dude, this is f****ng awesome....


is great i like the concept


Great game!

This could be turned into a full game


This is really well-thought-out!


Firstly, I want a t-shirt with the cute hack virus monster on it! He is adorable. Secondly, I really enjoyed this game and impressed with how much you guys accomplished during the game jam. The only two things I'd have wanted is a indicator of what level I'm on and the tips to be displayed in a more clear manner. I'd see a tip off to the side and I'd start to read it and remember that a sys admin was chasing me and have to run off. But otherwise, really great game and love the art!


Little bonus :)

Submitted (3 edits)

I really liked it! I love puzzles. Not gonna lie, all of this being done in just 3 days is impressing to me, even with a team of 3 members. I loved the visuals, they fit really well the game. Everything worked well on my end (e.g. I wasn't so hurt by the doorframes as most people were) so I can't give much of a constructive feedback. But I'll sure be excitedly following this project if it continues!

Oh, and this soundtrack is so neat


Thank you for your feedback, your words are very motivating! It's great to hear that our visual efforts have been received so well! We have some plans to continue this project in the future.


I love the visuals and sound, but there are a few mechanical problems that really hurt my enjoyment:

1. It's way too easy to get stuck in doorframes, and that makes it a huge pain to go around.

2. The camera movements are very choppy, which is tiring on the eye.

3. Because you don't know where the admins are when a level starts, it can be very frustrating to know how to start. For example, in level 3, if you go up to the computer, hack it, and then you're facing a straight hallway with an admin coming at you. That feels like a cheap trap.

I like the concept and presentation, but the mechanics need a bit more polish to shine.


Thank you so much for your feedback! A lot of great comments. We already have a couple of ideas on how to make the character's passage through the doors more convenient. The intermittency of the camera was found out only after the build under Webgl, there may be problems with the movement scripts. But with regard to the third proposal, there are many solutions and we are still thinking about the most optimal one.


I think a simple one, for point 3, would be to start each level with an overview of the full building, with the computers, player, and sysadmins clearly highlighted. This would give the player a chance to plan their route cleanly.

Submitted (1 edit)

Great overall presentation and concept! Sometimes I'd get stuck in doorframes which wouldn't be a problem if the timings weren't so tight later on.
Also a sort of indication as to which path a programmer or admin will take would be nice for some of the levels where it isn't obvious from path length alone.

Still a great entry that follows the restrictions well while also offering something unique.

Really Cool, And Looks Very Nice! But I Always Get Stuck On The Door Frames And Get Caught :(


Very cute game! i like the idea.

my biggest enemies where the doorframes tho :S


really great graphics and the idea was presented well, the only problem i had was on the 3rd level if i restarted it wouldn't let me hack anymore.


Really good game! Nice visuals, gameplay and audio. Couldn't quite beat it though(the game was fun enough for me to keep trying atleast!) and the doorways were my biggest enemy. 


Wow, Awesome game! Love the visuals, the gameplay and the general feel of the game.

Submitted (1 edit)

A patrol puzzle game with cute villains.

Fun to play like a stealth game.

It is quite difficult to calculate the engineer's position and walking speed in order to figure out how to solve the puzzle. It's also not very clear how much time can be gained by enhancing hacking, so players may get a little lost in what to think about to solve the level.

During the game, the music stops. It may be that the loop is not working.

I liked the art, it's pretty, and I think the 3-D representation is easy to see and accurate.


Thank you very much for your detailed feedback!