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Very Fun Short Game :D

this is a very good game but *cough* *cough* oxygen is spelt wrongly in the description its oxygen not oxigen

looks like a toilet lol

i did put a save but it was really old and i forgot to save it i had like 5 digits of every currency unless lollipop but the save was like 3 digits

nope i played it 3 times in a row and in other sunny morning i waked up and it was all gone


honestly in my first and second playthrough i thinked it was just a really cool and cute game

but the third time i recused and i got that ha! i liked that >:3

thats what you get for recusing it

honestly good game

uhm wtf

e my internet got off and all my progress is now Gone

forget that one of not upgrade i got 10 k and discovered the new ball thingy,,,, STILL great game :>

Its, pretty Much an pretty simple game,,, But i honestly find it very fun, the idea of instead of *wasting* points instead u need to only get the points it make it easier because u dont need to worry about it AND the fact that you just need to bounce once. then wait some time to get various and then stop is really cool

Honestly really simple, But interesing and great game

9/10 ( for now reached 5 k points ) still increasing

:( srry buddy chrome some times can be strict about files about games it not the first im always having problems like this.

and i dont have other browsers *i have* but idk how to use them

mmm monke


eu ja li eu entendi a coisa de skill e rebirths e etc

claro por enquanto vou dar 4 estrelas porq e mt simples mais em breve quando tu adicionar mais coisas eu posso dar 5

por enquanto sem mais ideias mais qualquer tempo eu volto a ver seu jogo e posso te dar mais ideias 

im from united status but you can speak portuguese to me i know a lot about it, may u respond to what i said now? ( i forgot to say in portuguese )

ok, oq tu acho da minhas ideias, e eu tenho ideia pra o proximo upgrade / compra que tal uma furadeira como o proximo upgrade / compra e outra ideia que eu tive era que voce poderia atualmente *quebrar* a pedra eu n sei se da pra fazer isso o ultimo upgrade que eu fiz foi o machado mais tipo que tal cada vez que voce consegui-se quebrar voce ganhase um ponto special que poderia ser usado pra skills tipo velocidade de clique, compra dps, preço dos items, etc. 

First what is your lenguage?

Hmm i have lots of ideas for that! first why not add a ( merge phase ) or an pickaxe upgrader like merge phase.. ( You merge pickaxes to unlock better ones that can increase small amounts of click power ) N' maybe adding an click cooldown upgrade and a lot more of ideas but if u interesed in more ideas just reply to this!. for now the game is pretty basic, still an good time waster

i dont have a phone pls pc version

i lost my progress :( i was in chapter 2 


i updated the game and i cant play it says a file is missing

very fun game, but there are some anti virus problems try putting your game in virustotal try to find what is causing it

when i download google chrome says it is a virus.....

these games are called ( clicker ) or ( incremental )

i wishlisted it

ok thanks

KARLSON community · Posted in Dani

i like billy


question about the history why you go to prision i didnt see any explanation



it never finish to load.

Woa epic game!

1 Question: No 

2 Question: Yes. i used 2x clicks ( extra power ) / 3 Clicks/s