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Wanted more than what I got. Interesting story though.

I look forward to seeing the rest! I've subscribed to you so don't forget to upload it here when you're ready!

I feel like there's more story to be told! I wanna know what happens with Naer since I invited them to my place! I wanna apologize to the twins for taking the stone~ I wanna meet the merperson again~ 

I'd love to see more.

My first 4 star!!! Next to his two favorite brothers, Derek and Todd.

Thank you so much for listening to the people playing your game! You have no obligation to make updates but you do and it's amazing! :D

Love the updated plant rack, looking forward to seeing more leaf patterns, and have already accidentally placed 3 plants on shelves instead of my nursery because I'm used to having to click one more time~


Humidifier (item) has a radius like the lamps, allows mushrooms to be in other rooms. Cost 50

Humidifier (furniture) takes a furniture spot but covers the whole room and allows 1 - 4 plants to sit on top. Cost 400

Bathroom mirror, if placed in light, can reflect medium light further into the room. (Just for fun because I assumed it would have some kind of effect like that since it was a quest to get one. It wouldn't be more useful than a lamp)

Curtains can be placed over windows to soften or completely block light. (I know someone else said this but I thought of it too) Cost 150

Album to auto-save a pic of the plants we can eventually mulch. Could be furniture, item, or another tab next to inventory. (I might not need to keep every no star cactus I grow, but I do get sentimental) Cost 400 

Mulch plants we don't want anymore, to get fertilizer that speeds the growing process of new plants (until they're adults/flowered) Could be a button next to 'stash' on the plant detail page. Fertilizer would be another currency, which you would apply to each new plant on their detail page. Cost 10 petals and a plant to make 1 fertilizer. 

Sell plants we don't want anymore, to get leaves/petals. Either 2x buy price or 1/2 buy price, just depends if you wanna make it harder or easier lol.

Pot defaults. Option under settings to set  pot color and style for each type of plant as default when buying new plants. (Someone else said this, I'm just seconding the motion)

Option to Auto set pot color to Max 🌟star🌟 level after study.

Super science desk. Furniture where you can destroy a plant to extract one of its star traits to stick into another plant. Limited by having to grow a new plant from that trait, so all else is random just like usual. Cost 1000. Could allow for growing multiple plants from the same trait. (Example: destroy a team player. Can now grow another team player a la nursery. As long as you don't destroy another plant for another trait, you can continue to grow team players) takes as long as studying.

If you add curtains to this game I'll donate $5

Thanks! I'm gonna go with Lenny, I think~ :3


Powerful team player!!! Favorite of my mushrooms so far~<3

I don't have a good name for him though!

I was messing around  trying to get the prettiest game without killing my computer, and I ran across a blank chunk, I looked in it and my game lagged too much to fix, so I saved and quit. it took a long time and when I got to this screen it gave me chunk inactive.