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Anyone willing to share how to get the "icy determination" achievement? I've completed every stage with ice element, so all I can say is I know it's not that. Only thing keeping me from 100%ing.

Trying for good end following guide on Steam, but it just says "go to bathroom and take the sphere from angel" and when I go there it says "the summoning is incomplete"... what am I missing?

Thanks for the help! Yeah I kept shutting all the cabinets. No wonder I never found anything lol. I had fun playing the game and it definitely scared me like with the creepy dolls and the killer popping up, so I think you did a good job :)

Do you know if anyone's done a gameplay video or walkthrough for the end of the full version? I am small brain and couldn't figure out how to find a key in the room full of numbered cabinets before getting killed for the 3rd time.

Save sent! Also included some additional details.

Claire ending gem doesn’t light up for me, I can’t use the center pillar to finish the game. :( also the “achieved” page only has Mia’s ending as achieved. Don’t know if that’s related.

ah it didn’t detect a save file. I just replayed everything to try endless mode again.

I tried the new version and it works now. Thanks for the fix

Playing downloaded version, endless mode is broken :( After the first wave the only hunters that show up are the ones in the bushes, and when they eventually kill all the elephants the level doesn't end. I have to choose "abandon" to get back to the map and it doesn't register any score.

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I just beat the very last level that I had left, and it won't register my 100%. After beating the last level it takes me to the points assignment screen. But the game is trying to award me 2 points (an expert level) and I only have room for assigning 1 more point. It won't let me progress unless I assign that last point, the only thing I can do is quit the game. Then when I restart the game, it doesn't register that I beat that last level...

FYI I also had the same problem as the other commenter the first time I tried to 100% the game. I re-played normal levels to up my stats for the 3 expert levels I had remaining. Then When I managed to beat an expert level it didn't register as complete due to inability to assign the awarded points to the already maxed stats.

That's why the second time around I was very careful just to beat every level once, and I still had the same issue pop up. 

BTW I never would have thought I'd get 6+ hours of gameplay out of a pico8 game. Great job.

Is there a way to beat the big skull at the end? I can get through all levels collecting all oil and hearts, lighting most of the torches, without taking any damage. At the final level it looks like the three stats (371, 1018, 780) are applied against the skull as damage but then the next thing that happens is I'm killed by the swarm of blue ghosts. I wasn't sure if that's the only ending or if I'm missing something.

Thank you! I'll use Firefox for now :)

No sound when playing on windows 10/chrome browser. Is that how it's supposed to be, or should I start troubleshooting?

Um excuse me I was promised no wheels racing but I am like 80% sure steering wheels are still wheels, this is false advertising please refund me my .001 cents okay thanks

Turns out the issue is bigger than just some unearned achievements.

I was not awarded certain achievements, thought it was same achievement-related bug issue so I took a couple screen shots...

I quit the game and restarted, to see if that would make the achievements register.

All achievements and all points are gone, the color theme I was using is now locked again.

I just wanted you to know. Technically the game isn't unplayable (it still has the falling forbidden words, it still keeps track of how many times you've typed the words in a given instance of the game), I just wanted to point out some bugs in case you are inclined to fix them. Thanks for your time. :)

Hi there! I'm playing on Windows 10 for the first time and the game has been running for nearly two hours now - I haven't been typing at all to be honest (browsing games on and when I opened the game to check my time I noticed that it awarded me some achievements that I haven't actually earned. They all appeared at the exact same time I earned the "one hour" achievement. You can see from my stats (only instance of this game I've ever played) that I haven't typed even one forbidden word, let alone fifty. Just thought you might want to know.

I'm playing on Windows 10. Level one had the collected flowers not registering during one attempt, but closing/restarting the game fixed it. Level one and level seven had the "sticking" flower issue that I noticed. Level one and sixteen record the score as negative (even after restart.)

Laggy controls. Lots of bugs. Sometimes won't register collected flowers correctly, sometimes one flower "sticks" on top of another instead of disappearing and the square it was on stays blank. Some levels record final score in the negatives for whatever reason.

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I have the same issue. Images from the dev's twitter imply that is this actually supposed to be a working tool.

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Playing on a windows PC. Not sure what the ultimate cause was of this but - my first time playing the game, I got stuck in the second scene because I couldn't find the last two tiny people. I swear I spent way too long looking all over the place for them. It was really frustrating and eventually I gave up and went to a let's play to figure out what sort of weird puzzle I must be missing to uncover where they were hidden.

Turns out the big rat was supposed to be in the doorway and he'd drop the tiny people. I did think it was weird that I could no longer walk through the arch (invisible wall), and I had noticed that one of the dining chairs was partially tipped over, but I had chalked it up to weird supernatural stuff, not bugs.

So I restarted and tried again. Same issue.

So I uninstalled, re-downloaded, re-installed, and tried again. Same issue. (Hence the above screenshot)

Then on a hunch I started again but this time I turned graphics quality to the absolute lowest, resolution to the absolute lowest, and fur shading to "simple." 

Big rat appeared bearing the tiny people, and I was able to play the rest of the game!

I'm not sure which of the three things did the trick (or if all of them together did), and it's not like I expect devs to fix this weird issue that's likely due to the age/inferior capabilities of my computer, but I wanted to post the issue and workaround somewhere on the off chance someone else runs into this in the future and doesn't know what to do.

Other things I noticed that were different when the game worked like it was supposed to: In the bugged playthough, the robots wouldn't make robot noises or move on their own when put down. Picking up the orb shaped robot up and putting it back down triggered a loud banging noise which would not let up unless I picked it back up again, and then it would continue when set back down. I thought it was the giant rat trying to pound the door down until I realized it was tied to me picking up the robot. Not sure how any of this is related to graphics quality/resolution, but somehow that fixed it all.

hmmmmm, intriguing! Thanks for the hint! I will have to explore harder for secret nooks and crannies :)

Hi there, I beat the game - very cute, took about four hours total. There were some glitches I noticed: choosing to return to bed from the menu makes me unable to talk to any of the cats, purchase from store, or go to sleep. I have to leave that area of the map (exit to forest) and re-enter for it to work. Also at some of the notes and "key" items re-appear when I  re enter a map, so now I have an extra rope and tire in my inventory :) - nothing that made the game unplayable, but I thought I would point it out. 

Also, if anyone is reading this knows the locations of these two notes, they are the only ones I'm missing so I'd appreciate at least a hint on where I can find them. I swear I've been all over the map but I must be missing something.

This is Art. I love it. Also, I ate every block except the one they asked me to, just to see what would happen. The tower defies gravity and I was stuck looking around in a blue box after finally eating the last brick (no pages of the story were displayed). So if you're as nosy/curious as me, there is your answer. I've saved you some time.

Behold, the Prairie Star collection! All Prairie Stars, all the time! Only 2* and up.

Those three in the window on the left were "imported" from others in this thread. The rest are mine.

Here are the two rarest that I've found on my own:

Statistics: Odds are super low that you’d buy the same seed twice!

Also Statistics: *happens on two separate occasions*

Also Also Statistics: No five stars for you!

I wish there were flowers on the taskbar, and that they'd be visible even when windows are maximized. I don't do a lot of work in windowed mode, so it sort of defeats the purpose of seeing a cute garden. It's still a nice idea though!

A little bit disappointed - When you get to around 30k likes, it suddenly changes to NEGATIVE 30k likes, and you have to get another 30k+ before you're back at zero and can start giving carrots again. I did it twice in a row just to make sure it wasn't a random fluke.

That said, the fact that I got to 30k (which switched to -30) then to 0, then back to 30k, (which then switched to -30k for the second time, at which point I called it quits) tells you that I was having a good time. Cute bunnies, relaxing game. The only improvements to be made are fixing the likes-turn-negative bug, and maybe including a "high score" record so you have an incentive to play again and beat your personal best.

But if you're just looking for a few minutes of bunny cuteness, try this out and have a calming time :)