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i am emotionally devastated and will think about this in the dead of night for the rest of my days. i love it <3

hweewewewewe bvrroooom nyyeowww *crashes into all the rocks*

Coming back later to say I did finish the game and. I still think about it sometimes. Thank you for making this

(mild spoilers)

Ummm. I saw someone use the cleaned syringe on the wine glass (i felt stuck and looked for a walkthrough lol), but when I had done that, it didn't work. Am I missing something or is this a glitch?

very nice. one thing-- at the end, i had 8 full cthulhu temples. the unnamable key highlighted to indicate i could get it. but clicking it did nothing. i ended up coming back to the page for a bit to read the comments, and when i returned to the game, the world was a black void.

an unfortunate bug, but the game overall was very fun!

thank you i love my customized corn

Loved this game! The art and writing are both super cute and cozy. I hope the dev doesn't mind, but I sat down and made a guide for all routes, since I know I had some trouble during my playthrough. Spoilers are hidden until you're ready to see them. It is a lil uggo but yes.

A dreadful experience. Can't wait for more! :)

So I did eventually figure out a way to get back into the green (spamming z until it got there by itself lmao) and I did get way better at it over time, but there is still a weird discrepancy of me being way worse at the machine than the NPCs. I think having accessibility options/being able to edit the difficulty or whatever would be cool, but thank you for the quick reply! I hope my comment didn't come off as too negative haha. I'm going to leave an actual review when I finish the game.

it's very unfortunate that i feel like i can't get through this part, because i paid for this and the game looks very cool.

i'm. really fucking struggling trying to use the machine. i wish it didn't force you to play so quickly. im on my first time using it and it's stuck in the red and i cannot get it to stay in the green for very long. when does this part end? i've been doing this quite a while so i know it doesn't just run out of time. do you have to fill the bar? or keep it in green for long enough?

Behold the MushRoom.

In case you can't read my cool posters:

Big Bear Daddy, Ass Big, Laugh Live Laugh, Love Ass, Big Touch, :) Mess, This Lass Boy, Boy Love, Ass Eat Ass

late response but u just gotta follow the missions on the board

Hail Bingo <3

at last... i can die in peace

anyways.... *keeps playing*


will work on improvements.

glad you enjoyed it :]

aw hell nah not the expired melatonin

thank u for letting me live out my jelly dreams

once you unlock the next currency, you'll be able to automatically generate mana using The Machine

Very nice! Although, could anyone give me a hint as to how to get the third ending? I've gotten the True and Bad endings, but the game page says there's three. But I've tried many routes and mostly seem to always end up with the true ending.

At any rate, it's a nice little experience! The GF character feels very relatable.

The art is fantastic, the writing is fantastic, God--my only wish was that there was more, but at the same time, I think this story works best as this little slice. I got a little choked up, which means a lot for me, hehe. It's hard to find stories that portray sex like this--as ultimately an emotional, rather than purely physical, experience. Also did I mention that the art is amazing like??? Hello????

The ending is especially appreciated for reasons I can't really describe without obviously spoiling things, hehehe. Happy pride! Thank you for sharing this, and best of luck to you with whatever projects you might be gracing us with next.

I haven't finished the game yet, but I don't know if I'll be able to. :/ The description is... certainly right about the objectives being obtuse, at least. I do really love the atmosphere and the art direction and such! The beginning was very nice. But I have almost the entire map unlocked by now, and I've scoured everything multiple times, and I just feel like at this point I'm wandering through the same areas over and over trying to find something I've missed. There is no direction or objective, so there's nothing to really point me where I'm supposed to go or what I'm supposed to be doing. It's quite frustrating. Even the things I *have* unlocked, have sometimes seemed to lead me nowhere and not really accomplish anything? But maybe that's just because I'm missing something again. It's a huge game, so even when I did resort to looking for a walkthrough in order to progress, the other player had done things out of order from me, and I struggled to find where they had gotten things I had missed. Even now, I'm not entirely sure what's going on or who the characters are either, and so I don't feel particularly invested in them. Maybe it would all come together later on in the game, but again, I don't know if I'll be able to make it to that point.

TL;DR: An open-world puzzle game is fascinating in theory, but I wish it was perhaps broken into multiple smaller goals with or something.

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snrk /pos

i just went to windows and typed in "firewall" in the settings or smthn and turned it off temporarily (remember to turn it back on after)

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I'd really like to try this out, but Windows keeps saying the download is Forbidden. ;-; Has anyone else run into this? I'm not sure how to solve it.

Edit: lmao i turned off my firewall and it worked