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Thought I was just doing really well lol

I want to know about the hidden ghosts and heartbeat door too


I took Jander's skeleton on holiday O^O

I was literally past the stairs, close enough to taste the diamond.



It was my second try, too  >.<

Yeah. After you buy the bathroom, you'll eventually be rich enough that currency doesn't really matter and you'll get to find higher star plants.

This hasn't had a comment in six years... WELL it was fun. I panicked and squished them all, but hey. No one found out 

Idk if this is still being worked on, but if it is, there's an issue with the low graphics setting. Shiny(ish) surfaces get really weird reflections on them, so much so it's nearly impossible to play.
From the little bit I did play, it was quite fun. 

You can now :P


Why is my radio so bad

How do you drop a landline phone nto the oce-

an? Unless... xx :Oxxxx 

Sorry forgot how typewriters worked. Anyway, g-

od do I need a new radio.

I found a bendy key. Why is everything I fish-

up useless? Maybe I'll fish up a  radio? It wou-

ld have to be better than this one.

Oh thank god it's dead. Silence at last.

Okay bye xxxxxxxxxx

----------------- -=- -----------------

More areas. I'm always running out of space and I'd love to have a very sunny/very dark room for certain plants. Some sort of showcase area would be nice too!

The perfect dog doesn't die ;)

Guys, the origami puzzle is different every time. You're all right and you're all wrong.

This was extremely immersive and a ton of fun to play! I do have one (minor) gripe. I kept 'confusing'  June by walking back and forth, making her stutter and turn around on her own. It isn't a big deal, but for a full length game it could get quite frustrating. 
I really can't wait for this to be released, and I wish you the best of luck :)

Won by holding a cabinet closed with a banana. 10/10 would break the law again.

Great game! I just wanted to point out that the Itch app downloads v1, so make sure to download v1.4.1 for the most updated experience (It's worth it, trust me)

...I want it

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It was great fun, but as you upgrade speed it gets to a point where the people are flying off the road. Eventually they disappear altogether (I guess they're too fast to display? Impressive) and from there you can't progress. Also the bodies start appearing off the road too, but that doesn't effect gameplay all too much

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Same thing happened to me, it was after doing the math one. I put it in and a page saying it had run into an error popped up, the game froze, and when loading the save everything is black.

Edit: It's fixed, bois!

#1777 is a sneezy death bunny

Great game, but what do the black orbs do?

Or you could make them pop up near the character sprite at half transparency with keybinds so the game wouldn't have to pause. Idk if this game is even still being worked on but I think it would be worth it

The game should pause for upgrades. Stopping to look at them and then moving to click them gets me hit every single time


Thoroughly enjoyed ghosting Lauren and after quite a few playthroughs (and a lot of phones disappearing) I found four different endings. Not entirely sure what triggered one of them, as I couldn't make it happen again, but it was exciting it discover after so long.

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I see some people getting stuck on the symbols so here's a hint if you need it.

Look at any writing on the box

Thanks I'm an educated addition to society I swear

Game 66128084 is fun but super frustrating. You have to use the triangle and circle to try and keep the square from moving/touching the walls in a weird game of bouncy shape keep-up.

My current best is -6528.

When I clicked on this I didn't know I was just going to be repeatedly insulted and reminded of my inability to do math.

10/10 amazing.
(P.S. Seriously tho what are the answers to the math problems??)