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thanks. ill also check the discord for help

can i have a search term hint for the sisters?

i payed for the deluxe version, and when i tried to make an account it said the email had already been used

what kind of save does this game use?

i had the same issue, were you also using chrome?

what does this mean

how do thrower jerks work?

is it more worthwhile to sink time and effort into being a student?

the shift+click for a description for tags feature doesn't work

2962 days to go

burned lion primary, bird secondary

I am not "sponsored" I just really like the video

if you want to learn more about the harm of cancel culture, Contrapoints has a fantastic video about it. 

also if anyone has a physical version and knows the mss safe code i'd appreciate if you told me. i only have a digital edition because i'm broke lol

hey, does the password for yokai's secret room in the full version work in the demo?

i did end up figuring it out after a while, but thanks! Also, are there any playthroughs anyone has made with the full game that you know of? 

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I played this game when it was a wee demo and finally got the full digital version a few days ago! somehow, I love it even more than the demo. I especially like the mechanic that allows you to see the right answers for the test once you uncover them.


I need help with the puzzle at the job fair for the MSS job. any help anyone?

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how do you get the secret endings?

this game genuinely relieves my anxiety.

what are the seeds for the cacti on the window?

what's the probability of getting an egg that can hatch without grapes

i'm wondering if there's a set of skills that is most advantageous

was the pig being named waddles a gravity falls reference?

i don't care if you just give me the answer. if you want you can use morse code so you don't give it away to people who are just scrolling, JUST PLEASE SOMEONE GIVE ME THE ANSWER THIS IS KILLING ME

I'm stuck on buried pleasures

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I really need hints for day 6. has anyone done a play-through vid?

can you find all the answers in the demo playthrough?


is there a wiki or something for this game? its facinating.

will there be a full downloadable version?

are you supposed to be able to get eggs from all the moths?

how do you make clothing? dust or silk?

are there jumpscares? i hate jumpscares.

does this have anything to do with actual trauma? i want to avoid being triggered

I'm stuck at the beginning. how do you get out of dialogue? 

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Non Sum Qualis Eram

can moths die? or do they just not make dust when they're not fed

im stuck on the chills bi

is there a my immortal reference?