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I played this game when it was a wee demo and finally got the full digital version a few days ago! somehow, I love it even more than the demo. I especially like the mechanic that allows you to see the right answers for the test once you uncover them.


I need help with the puzzle at the job fair for the MSS job. any help anyone?


Hey thanks for playing! Really glad you liked it!


Also for anyone who is too stuck on the MSS puzzle I can give you a vague hint that the solution involves starting by sort of working your way from the lower right to the upper left.

i did end up figuring it out after a while, but thanks! Also, are there any playthroughs anyone has made with the full game that you know of? 

I think it might actually be too nonlinear to cleanly do a playthrough of the entire game including all branches. Sometimes you can get back to the same path from multiple starting points and end up with different results. I don't know how someone would approach trying to record everything without a ton of overlapping footage.

The way I solved it was by solving the puzzle one row at a time