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The pattern is the two last letters in the name are the first two letters in the thing they like to eat. (NathAN like ANchovies, CamerON likes ONions, JenNA likes NAchos and LerOY likes OYsters).


Also, the hard question only is shown if you answer "Yes" to the question about if the question was too easy

The answer to the hard question is 0.

I am trying to use the map, but it appears to not work on Chrome. I did find that it works on Firefox

Really? This is my longer explanation: There is a base level of monster generation that happens before the upgrade is gotten for improving the speed of generating monsters. After the monster generator is gotten, that stops because the upgrade program can't handle a value of 0, and because of that, makes the monster generation at 0 speed.

If that is not a bug, explain why it is not one.

One thing that would be good is if when you have all the rooms, if it were possible to attach all the rooms together, like you can in when you have one less than all of the rooms in the game

Time to generate does not go lower than 1 per 1.0 sec, when the generation rate of monsters becomes less than 1 second

There is a bug in the game if you get the skill for upgrading the skeleton regeneration rate and don't upgrade it, it causes the auto generator to not work

There was nothing stopping you from getting the good ending even if you did not get camry's advice. It just told you you could not get the ending while letting you walk forwards

Good game, although it would be better if there was some dialogue that changed if you did not kill the monsters, as the only thing you actually have to kill is the dragon

I said "you" were the most stupid person on earth, not "me". That is hilarious

I noticed that you are able to open the door when the door is locked

I think it would be better if you were able to keep the fake mustache on after getting past the guard for the ending, if you put it on after getting the ring from the princess

I think the third and final level is the hardest. There is a spot in the beginning when I almost always drop and fall into a hole, and it is really easy to go too or too short when moving forward

It also would be nice if you could get a little bonus time if you decide not to save the money at the safe space and decide to go down to the next area immediately after finishing the previous area

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I think it is strange that no matter how many gems you have (and even if you end the level with 0 gems by not moving at the start) all the money is still used to pay the ambulance, without any money coming out of the money you already have (if there is no money), and no money going to you (if you got to a higher level like diamonds, or rubies without saving any money)

Who knew that the hospitals were the real gougers in this game?

I also think it is funny that the question that is supposed to be insulting yourself, the answer is "you". Who looks stupid in the mirror?. The narrator, that's who.

If you answer too quickly, nothing happens

Also, how are you supposed to get to the second button. You can't crouch when jumping or on a wall

This game is not "awesome". It is too easy to not be able to jump onto something and fall down, or hit something and not be in the right position to hold onto the platform you are trying to jump on and also fall down and die. Also, some of the assailants appear to be invincible.

I was able to make him not like me.

Is there any way for the third interviewer to not say "I want you to be my campaign manager". I thought I got all of the best bad options as I could with that person.

Good game, but I'd like it even more if you had more dialogue for giving people other things, like if the pizza person reacted to you giving him the sock or the knife

What game is the intro supposed to be from?

The room that is 2 rooms before you fight error is broken. You are unable to move from the spot that you start on and are forced to press e to make you pass the level

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When I saw that the enemy was frozen for three turns I thought that it meant that the enemy was supposed to be frozen for three of my turns, not three of the back and forward between enemy turns

Also, on the third turn the enemy is able to move again after it ends. If it is a full turn, then the enemy should move the ability to do an action back to me.

Also, I was able to get 33 of 32 possible points for Intelligence as a strength

Great. Another tip is that I was able to get the score I got was by right clicking on the game and then pressing Inspect, which got me able to see the $love variables and find which ones made them positive or negative. It is a good way to be able to find the maximum number of points

If you are thinking of fixing it another tip is to make the maximum number of points different for different strengths as there are more things to get with charisma as a strength than the other strengths

I got 36 of 32 possible points

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Fe: blue (x7), green (x2), red (x4) (560)

Si: purple (x7), red (x2), blue (x6) (840)

Ti: blue (x8), green (x2), red (x5) (800)

Au: brown (x2), blue (x10), red (x4) (1600)

Pl: green (x2), red (x2), blue (x20) (2400)

You can jump diagonally with the boost option

The wall directly behind the carrot patch is impossible to climb up even if you have enough stamina (probably because it expects you to jump to the side)

I just jumped so high, I died when I fell down on the ground

The only way I have found to double jump is to span clicking the space bar which causes multiple jumps. Also, it would be good to have the jump and save button be different because when you are close to the save person it is impossible to jump and you could get stuck for a bit if you land behind them with no way to move around

It is hard to double jump because the glide activates most of the time when i try to double jump

It is possible to search for games or creators, so why can't a person search for game jams?

When on the page the only options that are visible for the When sorting groups are 'Last Day', 'Last 7 days', and Last 30 days'. I did not know there was a 2013, 2014, ..., 2019 filter until I saw that there was one in the directory.

Also, It would be nice if the objects could be used together