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I got all 7 endings


What is the robot?

I fell through the bottom of the world in a level

I just realized it would be cool to have the hero slay the princess then have the princess slay the dragon in the same way the princess was slain leading to the dragon killing the knight instead of the princess and leading to the beginning of the knight killing the dragon.

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It would be better if there was a victory condition for the river and monster fight

Like the question "How many months have 28 days?", squares have three sides.

Thanks. That helped.

Uncle bob is a bit sus

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How do you unclick an item? My experience is that if I click on a wrong item, I can't stop trying to combine it with anything I click on.

I meant the room that has the E block after you get the ability to use the S key

Is it possible to get to the S block or get some of the other letters like I in the game?

It would be good if there were different dialogue for the salesman if you died no times

It's funny that if you sacrifice Jenkins you no longer become worthy to carry the suspicously heavy hammer.

I really liked the ending of the game I didn't expect it.

Hilarious. "Alex went on his way home but was interrupted by the ..." Ending

How do you deal with the dollar signs?

It would be good if you could get different ratings based on the elements you put in the game, like if the review said "I don't like the bot detection and pop-ups"

Great meta game

Great game. I'm excited to see more of the second level.

This game reminds me of the game "They will not return":

How do you get three stars on level 5?

I got "see you in 47 years"

Also, where can one find the rockers?

It would be nice if the extra XP in hard mode could go to the next weapon

Are there any other things that happen with the fence?

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Ok, I discovered 0123456789 gives a system diagnostic, 69 gives nice. The numbers in the history notes do something. I am disappointed that the number for the year of the last game (10191) does nothing

I found that 420 causes the fence to say "KEEP OFF THE GRASS" and 0451 gives the status of the hover bag. Are there any other things that happen with the fence?

So at least you can have music wherever you are.

Using a flashlight is the first thing I thought of doing.

I've looked all around the box I got the game in, and I can't find the code for the safe.

The way I solved it was by solving the puzzle one row at a time

That was obvious since the message about the code was about requiring real "inside the box thinking".

I was able to end hard mode with 45 potions.

When you reload the game, you restart at the home area and have full health. 

As I recall, in Magirune, you had to be very efficient in the game so that you did not run out of health potions and basically had to be perfect at the game to solve it in hardcore mode. It would be good to have fewer potions in hardcore mode and stop the feature about getting health back when reloading the game to make hard mode even harder.

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I liked the game a bit better when alchemy did not level up like spells. Also, when the artifacts could level up.

I got the rick rolled ending

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Why do some parts of the map look like you would be able to continue in a direction, but can't?

Nevermind, I found a new area that I was able to get into by using the shift mode.

I'm stuck after getting Shift Jet. Any suggestions on where to go?