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I was able to end hard mode with 45 potions.

When you reload the game, you restart at the home area and have full health. 

As I recall, in Magirune, you had to be very efficient in the game so that you did not run out of health potions and basically had to be perfect at the game to solve it in hardcore mode. It would be good to have fewer potions in hardcore mode and stop the feature about getting health back when reloading the game to make hard mode even harder.

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I liked the game a bit better when alchemy did not level up like spells. Also, when the artifacts could level up.

I got the rick rolled ending

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Why do some parts of the map look like you would be able to continue in a direction, but can't?

Nevermind, I found a new area that I was able to get into by using the shift mode.

I'm stuck after getting Shift Jet. Any suggestions on where to go?

One thing I don't like about the game is that when a teleprojector leaves the area, it disappears, and you can't use it.

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Thanks, I was able to get into the new area. Great job making the game difficult.

I am currently stuck on trying to get to a new area. I have just gotten the -hover move.

I found it out on my own, but it would be good to have some mention of that in the instructions.

I have found (currently) two power expansion upgrades that you can get before you have to defeat the first boss

I noticed that the filter in the directory for Date for games stopped at the year 2019. It would be nice if the year 2020, 2021, and 2022 were added, with the ability to add more years as they come up.

It would be good if you were able to search for game jams like you were able to search for games and creators.

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How many times do you have to hit the boss for it to die?

Why does it say in the Journal that there are loose stones in the window if there is no time to do anything about that?

What is the 6 doing here if there are only 5 endings?

I would like it if you could kill all butterflies as well.

I'm suprised how much damage you can give the enemies with invulnerability time set to 0

I got a message saying I saved 16 of the 8 people trapped

With the Union, I got paid 4 dollars to sort 3 boxes.

I figured out most of them by trial and error.

I've tried all 4 of the possible answers and still got 90 / 100 as a score

It seems like Question 10 in the quiz is impossible to get the right answer to.

Also, why can't we short press space for a short jump

It is sometimes hard to jump on things and you unintentionally get damage.

Yeah, its funny that he is saying you said "you" look stupid in the mirror when I am actually saying that "you" (the narrator) looks stupid in the mirror.

I think it would be good if you could turn off an atrifact by clicking on it so that the artifact could charge once it has been fully drained.

I just realized how cool it is to see the enemies attack you very quickly if you set the cooldown time to 0.

Thanks for the help with Level S4. It was indeed a technique not used before, but one that users of the game would have encountered in previous Levels as a consequence of incorrectly solving the puzzle.

In response to your first hint, is there even a way to get to the button by making a bridge over the black barrier?

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Just to be clear, we are talking about this button:

Because if you are, then the thing I want to know is how many blocks it takes to make the bridge to that area

I post a screenshot of my trying to solve the puzzle and it gets deleted. But competor posts a video of solving the puzzles and it stays up. How is his video not a spoiler and my screenshot is?

I'm having an issue with S4. I just need to have one less block be used to make a platform to push the button in the upper right area.

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It was an interesting game. I had a hard time in the beginning before I found out that I should copy the "magic" attackType property.

I think that it is interesting how you can choose different methods of attacking the enemies.

  1. You said that the solution to the process was the block going to the right. You neglected to mention that it had to go down also.
  2. How is my screenshot a spoiler? I was doing it the wrong way.

I know that, I am having issues with getting the balanced blocks in a position so that when the bomb goes off, that the block that is freed to move to the right hits the button.

I found it in the meta game jam.

If you haven't solved S2, the broken machine is more important than you think.

I got the button near B16 pressed