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Hey thanks for taking down the listing. I didn't ever release Opossum Country on a cartridge because it's a very short game so that seemed kind of wasteful to me. Instead I have made two other longer horror games and will be publishing a horror pack with Incube8 games. 

I will keep that in mind that you can make cartridges though!

Hi Mabel, do you use Discord? If you join my Discord i can try to help you figure out a way to buy it.

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Thanks, really appreciate it!

Glad you liked it! :)

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Really beautiful art in this one. I love the palette for the opening scenes. I think maybe it would feel more comfortable to navigate the environment if you change the collision hitbox for the player to be 8x16 instead of 16x16. Going to download this so I can play it on a real device.

The link in this post now works. I saw that it had expired so I have fixed it.

Hey, We have put over a year of work in since the jam version so it's not ideal to be testing that one but if you just tell me here, I can check to make sure it didn't get copied through to the final game. 

Do you ever use Discord? We are using a Discord server for testing.

What language did you want to translate it to?

I have only even learned of this system in the last couple of years but it's pretty amazing that Gameboy games can be ported to it at all.

At this rate you will have contributed more to the Mega Duck's library than the whole official library.

Thanks so much!

Glad you liked it! We are working on a full non-jam version too.

You'll be pleased to know that a big part of our overhaul of the game for the final release is going to be a more smooth difficulty curve!

Thank you! :)

The crane game requires both luck and skill. You have to get the arm directly over the capsule and then after that the arm will often fail to pick up the capsule like a real claw machine. If you do it enough times you can definitely get it but like a real claw machine it's kind of a scam.

That's the plan! :)

It's coming along pretty well. There always seems to be some new big thing to tackle but all of the levels are done so we are at the polishing stage.

Oh sorry about that! Let me send it to you. what's your discord name or email address?

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The is the game, the pocket file is the game file exported for the analogue pocket, and OST stands for 'official soundtrack'

Thanks so much for your kind words and your detailed bug report! This will be addressed in the next patch but unfortunately the saves don't translate between versions of the game. I'm relieved that there's a smooth workaround.

I agree that having the rom here even if you wanted to charge for it would be an excellent idea!

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Do you have Discord? I'll PM you about that.

Sorry for the late reply- Yes, that is the link to buy volume 1. I still need to add volume 2 to itch so the whole series is available online.

Thanks so much for the kind words.

You'll be happy to know that the accuracy of the move counter has been one of our highest priorities for the final game. We have sped up the self-destruct sequence dramatically too (although there's a shortcut in the jam version-getting out of the mech before self destructing) The fact that you don't have to finish a level with a gem was a bug we have fixed for the final version of the game too.

For the undo move it would be really cool but I am afraid that the complexity of the game combined w the fact that it is on gameboy/gb studio make it practically impossible to implement.

Yes we were! It's a great game. Besides the digging over/under mechanic I do think it is pretty different too though. It is less of a puzzle game and more of an action game I think.

Because of the interest I have been seriously considering it but it is a huge project so unfortunately since I am only one person if it ever does happen it might not be for some time.

Thanks for playing and translating!

It was made using a program called GB Studio which converts a visual scripting system into assembly and html 5 automatically.

In the full version the story goes further and there's a bunch more paths you can get to.

This was originally created in gb studio 2.0 so it was done with timers in a point and click scene like you said. I think that there's better methods though. In GBS 3.1 there are for example big sprites. In this when the possum gets bigger I had to move a whole bunch of sprites at the same time and it was really hard to stop them from glitching out.

I think you need to fill it at the well

Thanks so much for reporting this bug! Would you be interested in helping us find bugs in the final version of the game? If so, we have a discord server going to find testers here:

I'm going to take all questions about my games in this discord now so I can refer people to pinned answers but I'll be happy to answer here:

I will probably redesign it some for the final version of the game but I do kind of like the player feeling like they have cognitive issues too so they relate to the main character better.

Yes in Gameboy Color mode. It won't work on a GB Micro because it's not backwards compatible with GBC but it should work on a regular GBA.

It did win the jam which was pretty cool! It's the first time I've won a game jam. Gave me more confidence to make games.

Email me at benjelter -at- if you want more spoilery hints

Glad to hear that you liked it!

I don't want to spoil it for you but I can assure you you have the password. You might need a flashlight?...