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If you use a template like this you can move the camera to show/hide one character or the other based on who is speaking.

For dialog sequences I might recommend making a scene that is as wide as possible and panning the camera back and forth. It could really cut down on the fades.

My understanding is that it's incredibly difficult to load all of the assets for a new scene on the GB Hardware. Because of this limitation the fade was a necessary compromise.

Sorry for all the questions but with the current color options would the game still be compatible with a GB/Pocket or does it only run on GBC and higher?

If it's currently compatible with the GB, will the new color options remove that compatibility or will it still run on both like Link's Awakening DX?

Awesome! :)

Will the new version maintain compatibility with games built in the old version if you are rewriting the engine?

Very cool! Nice color scheme.

I just want to say that you are a hero to me, Chris. This is my favorite piece of software ever released for free.

That was definitely an inspiration! I read that back in 2012 I think. Great book.