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Interesting! In projects where I spent a lot more time on setting them up I've done stuff like making sure WASD will work etc. Ideally people will just download the rom and map the keys however they want in an emulator though.

I think that it is common for Z to be the 'main' button on pc games where the arrow keys are used. Since the 'd-pad' is on the right you can kind of think of the entire controller as being reversed. There's no perfect solution but it shouldn't take too long to get used to.

I like the chill vibe and the environmental theme!

Not really... It has some disturbing imagery with music but no sudden loud noises.

Thanks! Glad you liked it.

Thanks so much! Be sure to tell your friends. We want to try to release a cartridge at some point.

That seems like a bug. You should be able to go left after beating 2-12. We'll look into it. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it.

Just got a chance to play this. Great work! Reminded me of Ninja Five-O

I've got a few other games here on my itch page if you didnt see them yet. (Various levels of quality, haha)

Glad you liked it! I'll look for the bug you mentioned.

If you want to restart a level the fast way you can skip the countdown on the self destruct by getting out of the mech first.

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Thanks so much! You will very likely get your wish! ;)

Really glad to hear that you liked it. Thanks for playing!

Thanks! You wouldn't believe how much we nerded out trying to get it right.

Thanks so much! I'm going to play yours as soon as I have a bit of free time. I've heard it's great.

I decided to do an abandoned radio tower in this game because it was originally done for a game jam called 'ScreamFM' and the theme was a 'signal' The main inspiration was a radio tower at the edge of the woods that I used to explore when I was a kid. I'm not surprised that old radio towers have been used in other horror games. They are imposing shapes!

I've never played outlast. Out of curiosity, what are the similarities?

This is all I've got so far but i am working on another much larger game called 'The Machine' so stay tuned :)

I think they will release an even newer version soon! 3.0!
It's just around the corner.

I'm not sure which color you mean but gbstudio 2.0 has basically got support for full color with a few technical limitations.

I think you did an awesome job within the constraints of the jam. It kind of reminds me of the fruit you drop in donkey kong to kill the little crocodiles

Another thing that is probably a result of the limited functionality of the dialog box rather than a bug is that I saw that messages appeared in the dialog box but they were impossible to read because they didn't display for very long

Really cool concept! I think I spotted one bug where the fruit stopped reappearing after the purple lizard showed up.

That's cool that you did that! I'm always frustrated by the missing systems so I tried to include stuff like semi later-gen stuff and the lynx, pc engine etc.

Really glad you liked them! :)

That would be cool! If I were devoting more time to it I think I'd work on the enemy collision the most. Thanks for the big compliment. I don't know if it really would compete with snake and I also don't know if I stuck with all of the limitations of the system. I guess we'd need Nokia Studio to do that, haha.

Cool tutorial Max!

Glad you can use them! I'm considering making more.

That's awesome to hear because those are the most often criticized parts too. I guess it's partly up to taste.

Thanks! I tried to design level 2 to force you to go off one side of the screen and onto the other to teach the player through level design. I'm glad it seems to have worked.

Thank you for playing!

Wow, thank you so much for your kind words! I know what you mean about the collision. I really do not like that bug but I didn't have a practical way to eliminate it. I'm not a great programmer so I don't understand what is causing it in the underlying code. It ended up being above my pay grade.

Really cool, I love 2D shooters! I agree with the comment that it might be a little more fun if the enemies had less health. I felt like I had to focus fire on them for a long time. Beautiful artwork.

Thanks so much!

Maybe people will want to replay and save all of their eggs! Thanks for playing.

Ah I think that may be your browser doing that. It doesn't look like that when I play it in my browser

Haha that was great! Space impact on the menu was such a tease

Hey thanks! I was really trying my best to work within that constraint.

Wow really cool! I love that it has a level editor.

Hey here is the way I did the score: The last '00' of the score is built into the background. The first three digits are each 10 frame sprites that only occupy the upper left 8x8 corner of the sprite.

They have an 'on update' script that sets their animation frame based on the score. The animation frames roll over so for example the singles place is just set to the score and if it were 10 it would just display '0.' The tens place is set to the score divided by 10 etc. (It doesn't round up from 5 fortunately)

It may seem like I have too many sprites in a row because of the bullets but I only used one sprite for the bullets. One of the bullets is built into the background so the sprite actually moves over and conceals it when you have zero bullets.

I hope that helps!