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it is a very mighty tree indeed.

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she is very elegant.


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thank you!

the seed is 040 2066

i named it halo 💜


may i ask what the seed of the tall plant next to it is? i adore both of them

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lil fancy boy, he's tiny but mighty

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they are indeed. thank you for sharing.

i've only managed to get a C on the burger but i have not given up hope; i love this game and the concept is hilarious.

i've only ever gotten up to a C on the burgers, but i have not given up hope

are there other recipes to be unlocked if by some magical witchcraft I achieve a passing grade of an A or B?

great game :DD

score of 850 :))) i'm way too proud.

for those who "can't play the game" it's click-and-drag

it gives them thighs.

this is beautiful, and it made me so happy.

this is a work of art

i got stuck in the pot ;-;

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yay, I got "Quite Plausibly The Best Ending" C:

i feckin' hate bugs

nice gaem. c: 19/9 would game again

c: you are very welcome

"heh, yes, come closer, child... get your pizza.."

a masterpiece. thank you very much for this beautiful bundle of physic-based "gotta hide that food" joy

i love it

whAt dO you dO? I like the game, but the directions were a bit unclear

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I only have one complaint, and that is why are the specific types so freakin' rare?

But it's a very good game. I love the art style especially c:

very hard, but nice

very nice. the pizza guy looks DEMONIC though, scares me every time  0.0