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who knew all I wanted in life was to date a bunny girl lmao

fun :^)

Hey, I played this game when it first got released and was hoping to revisit it but I don't remember seeing stats on the graves though, does anybody knew what those said?

The lowercase L looks like 1.

It was a really game! A little disappointed since at some point the inputs stopped registering on the keys it wanted but it was still fun

 (Probably just my sucky keyboards fault)

I judged the game by hearing it had puzzles but I regret not playing it sooner. 

I'm glad I played now tho because it really made me smile. :]

ugh, my heart, it hurts

I didn't believe...

then I was shown wrong.

aww, I remember playing this game, I wanted to again but flash is gone :/

I dare you to write on my short paper 🙃

I thought my house was absorbing my socks!

Thanks for clearing things up, It's clearly the Flamingo.

Nice game :)

... I need more

(Good game (👍 ─ ‿‿ ─ )👍 )

I mean.. some people can't handle being left on read

I like your version better buttt, couldn't resist a UwU

Oh no.... I just took a nap QwQ

I would be proud too! (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

Controls for... 2 people? Oh, Ha funny you thought I had friends!

Ohhh lmao, that would be great!

I was growing a blueberry plant family but today I sadly found them gone probably since I ghosted them for to long but I have some photos of them saved so I would like to post their very last photos and grief . இ௰இ

The nORmAl ones

The father and daughter siting on the couch
   Sadly the daughter didn't have a picture of her own since the family thought she wasn't that important so, her code will forever be lost. Moment of silentsss.   ╯︿╰

The adopted one

This one was adopted
                          Now lets sit here and wonder where the mother ran off to, maybe to her dreams or the arms of another blueberry man.

                                                                                                 The world may never know.

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Can't get to start :/ Seems like a interesting game tho.

NOoOooOoOoOooOoo, WhhYHyHYYyyY! 

I'll never get to play the game T^T     At least theirs no customer support so she'll keep her "Anyways" Shitty Job! :D

I have determination and re-wrote it  .w.

Got lots of free time cuz locked inside house. It's beatiful but i'm writing second page-o soon. -w-

My gay boy... My precious gay boy is erased...

Me struggling over here trying not to strave and dig my self out of debt after my MOTHER took 90 some dollars.. Then i ended up struggling trying not to go above 200$ in debt.. T^T SHE NEVER PAID ME BACK U^U Also I never went on that date with my bf lol

If only I was on that level of commitment! XD

Ah.. When there is no limit to anything -w-

I love your reply because you're saying (Basically) "and yeah, I know it's great. ^-^" I'm just saying I love the personality in your response.   .w.

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Edit: Sorry for being so long and just a heads up it's just some bugs I found and one suggesting. ^w^

I really like the art style and idea but there was multiple bugs I ran into that made the game inplayable. (Had it running in the background while typing and checked back and it's just really slow. That changed read till thee end) ;^;

 When I had a lover mouse she was EVIL because she mated with other mouses and I had more mouses but they were stuck in place and didn't move or talk to any other mice.

 Then if I just click on a building and didn't drag them on to a slot they would stick to my cursor and I couldn't play the game anymore then had to restart the game.

Another thing is that the mice can get stuck on some of the objects so, it might help if you could drag the mice.   .w.

And lastly one problem which isn't much of a bug but makes the game a bit more difficult is that the lumber mice and other sometimes just bump in to lots of objects that arn't what they use or just completly walk around it. 

And I found this funny but one time I saw a lumber mice just walk up to the pile of rocks and the walked away without doing anything like "Na fam." and I have a feeling of wow, ok (In a funny way) and You had ONE job >->

Update: The game just finally broke and the game is now on a loop...  ;^;

Btw still is that they're stuck just not moving and I assume your smart peeps so you know what I mean by stuck. Also btw when the lumber mice bump into the wood they just keep thier path.

And I feel bad for pointing out lots of bugs but I just want the game to grow! ^v^ And I still love the idea but it just needs more work till it because fully funcional. Best of luck!

Near the cube/cage and then went through thee gate ;w;

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Please teach me your ways because just look at this name lol

Your name's are very complex. @-O I feel frightened O^o

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AzuraOne who is of sky blue color

You could name them Azura because it means "One who is of sky." 

Nice game tho

T^T I made it to friday 22:something and had money to buy coffee but fell through thy ground

I'm on a pc (Windows) so this might not be right but have you checked your downloads

Oh, what device are you on?

This is a post  :>

Just like that :D)

Always gotta remember your not a crazy plant person yet!