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Mr. Bill Sky

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I've never played Stardew Valley but this is a very nice essay that exposes some serious flaws with mainstream Leftist rhetoric with fatphobia, not to mention touching on the roots of that rhetoric that's hurt... a lot of marginalized men in general, really.

I really like the unique structure on this one. It gives an a good bent to the portrayal of its subject matter.

My first self-grown 4-star cactus! It's called Undercover because it looks so normal.

So pretty!

No problem! And thank you - nevertheless, it is still very beautiful!

If you're getting bored, restarting and moving to the App version sounds good. Maybe you could screenshot the seeds for all the plants you want to move over?
Also, may I have the code for the Living Room tree with the golden leaves on the top left? It looks very pretty.

Here are some of my plants! I did not expect Diplodocus to be rare, at all, so you can imagine my surprise.

Very lovely.

This is very comforting and very cute. Great little game.

Thank you for making this game. I am still grieving the death of my dog, and this game helped lighten that burden.

Thank you, and no problem--just thought it'd be helpful.

Vignettes community · Created a new topic Secrets Guide

Here's a guide I made if you're having trouble with finding all the secrets in Vignettes--enjoy!