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I have found 2 boys with 3 rare traits, Biff and Leggy! Feel free to grow them in your own houses. Now I seek the elusive 4-trait plant...


hey there i seem to have found a 4 star Cactus ( 041 2146 )

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whoa awesome! that's the first 4-trait anyone's found, as far as I know! nice!!


I combined Melon and Grove to make the Name  Melove


Ooh, love the name!


Thx! Like I combined Plant and Sanfransisco


by the way 5 stars are possible too just extremely rare 


ye they are i only got four and 3 of them are the same 


thanks for sharing - I got my own 4* cactus using your seed! so cute! I named him rubeus because one of his traits is 'gentle giant' :D


oh nice! I ended up naming it Frosty Cactus since it looks frozen


So cool! I'm making one right now :D



Very pretty! What's it's seed?


055 7194! :)

Thank you! :)


Biff is so cute!