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Played this a couple weeks after losing my beloved cat. This game made me bawl like a baby.

What's the code?

Once they're in your inventory, you can recycle them for resources :)

I have one that says




My best plant I've grown so far! Thought I'd share here, take good care of her :)

Don't know why you're getting dislikes, this is hilarious

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Hi! I'm an experienced writer and editor looking for paid work. I can either do proofreading and editing for text-based/text-heavy games, or join your team as a plot and/or script writer. My rates are negotiable and dependent on whether I'd be working for you long term or short term (as well as the length of your game) but I don't charge very much. 

My discord is Green#0521, shoot me a message if you're interested and I'll send you some of my work for reference!

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Hi! My name's Liora, I'm an artist and writer. I make digital 2D art on Photoshop, Illustrator, and Procreate. My specialty is character design. I offered character design commissions for about 2~ years and have created a number of personal art/writing projects, usually in the form of graphic novel short stories. I've also done a few graphic design commissions, typically coding and designing websites. I can code, but nothing too useful to games, mostly just Python and HTML. I have plenty of writing experience--I've won short story contests, written a novella, co-written a script for a short horror film, and created several comic short stories (usually 20-30 pages). Few limits as far as art and writing go! I can go as dark as you want. Gore, NSFW (to an extent), general horror--you name it! Of course, I also do SFW art and writing just as often, so regardless of the nature of your progress, I can probably help out. My prices really aren't set in stone. Something like a sketched out character design might cost $5, while a long term project or detailed script would be more in the $100+ range. If you're interested or would like to see/read some of my work, you can leave a comment here or contact me through the following:


Discord: Green #0521

I hope to work with you in the future!

This feels like a combination of Night in the Woods, Firewatch, and A Short Hike. That is the single greatest compliment a game could receive. Good job guys.

I got the Fatal Error thing 😅

Hi, I use a mac and mistakenly bought the game without checking the compatible platforms (completely on me). Is there a way for me to refund the purchase or do I have to just live with my mistakes 🙃

Won't open for whatever reason

Yeah I had the same issue with the sound

I'm having a glitch where sometimes if I choose to get a random cat the paper will come out of the box and then disappear and I won't get a cat, but I still lose the coin. 

I would literally pay like, $30 for a Mac version