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That's a good wisdom

oh my such graceful texts i have never witnessed before

yeah this version is kinda buggy, so i made another one

Ok, will do!

I liked this game so much that i made a video of it! (now actually funny bc i have an editor now lol)

I'll check it out! I just killed two giant aliens (with me squeezed between dying and living lol) but can't find any of the dog toys, i searched the entire planet, but cant find them, please help!

eek noice

I like it very much! I have one question tho: Do you like potatoes?

I'm already looking forward to it!

Wow, i am staggered that this game is so smooth! I like the concept, keep going!

I am playing the full game now, but where can i find the demo? I'd like to try that too!

there are two things that would be fun if you added it; a death counter, and maybe a car selection screen, and that you can unlock cars with achievements you could earn while playing! If that would be added i'd be hooked to the game! (not that i'm not hooked already!)

Feedback would be appreciated!

I love it! I love the art style and the funny gameplay, and i love that you can just rampage through the level! I will rate it good!

idk acc sike


Knight Club community · Created a new topic Dead game

Is this game dead?


wow, this blew me away!

Thanks, anyways!

please help, i can't execute it, because there is no .exe file! please help

Umm help! i can't find the .exe file, so i can't start! please help me!

nice game m'dude

Is there any way to manually save the game, while not near a save post?

Thanks, hope i'll enjoy your game! btw: your game about toast (both of them) and the pancake game really appealed to me, i played them and loved them!

I've flipped a lever, whatdo i do now? I'm stuck!

umm, i am 14 and i am somewhat weak against jumpscares, can i play this, without getting nausious from jumpscares? please tell me if there are any, thanks (btw, i dont bother audio jumpscares, only th ones i see) thanks! :)

perhaps the archives are incomplete *insert meme template*

oh lol oops


I've made a game!

Haha, the title by itself is funny, let away the game! It's super!


#LetsGoBuildAGolfCourse (accidently skipped it but still made it!)

When will the full version come out?

wow, "shooty and the catfish"? somehow related to "Hooty and the blowfish"??

Good game! Hope it'll reach higher grounds!

Goed gedaan Sander!

Again, play this game, it's so good, if you won't play it i'll go to your house and slap you. seriously. play. it.