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this was really cute!!! Bet it took all the patience in the world to not just lock them in the same room to sort everything out lol. 

The branching paths & getting to experience both hayden and arley's pov was really cool, everyone was so cute and likeable too! can't wait to play the sequel!

this game is amazing so far! i can't believe this is just a demo, the world and characters are so interesting!

Just  quick question, when you meet Violo in the hallways when he's talking to his father and you pick the option "Are you Alright?" the text right after does not seem to match? It says "The flower circle created a ring that had Violo's study in the center". Is this intentional?

Is the game supposed to move to the next stage/ part of the board on it's own? I'm stuck on the first section of the board and I'm not sure where I went wrong  ;A; 

thank you so much!!!! can't wait to see the other endings!!!

Hey the game seems really fun but for some reason I keep getting the same ending no matter what choice i pick.... dyou have a general walkthrough or guide I can refer to? I'm unsure if it's my choices or just me failing the QTEs ;A; 
I totally understand if it's something you're not looking to do! 

Regardless, everything looks so polished and pretty! Can't wait for future updates! (: 


really cute!

I found this game recently and I just wanted to tell you that I really liked it! Love how true to his horny self the demon king was (lol) and how the text changes over the number of runs that you go through.

The difficulty was just right imo, with most of the text signalling what stats you need very well except for the kobald swarm on the 6th floor that took me a couple of tries to figure out. 

Thank you for such a fun game!

my gosh, this game had such unexpected twists?? It was really well paced and imo is one of the more interesting takes on yanderes! you did an amazing job! 

This was genuinely such a cool game!!!!! I thought it was gonna be a run of the mill wholesome game but oh boy did it take me by surprise! genuinely unnerving at some points, despite the cute art style and casual vibes. Thank you for such a fun experience!

the art is absolutely gorgeous and the story was so captivating. the necklace was a such a good and innovative way to illustrate the time loop/ branches!!! Puts all the simple graphs from other VNs to shame lol. 

Loved the sapphic themes and how grey it was, I honestly don't know who were the 'good guys' even after the whole game. I genuinely felt bad for vivica even after she snapped my neck so many times hahah. 

Amazing job! I'm defos gonna check out your other work after this!!! 

This was a really cool experience! the creepy monsters were really unnerving... the narration was good as well. 

Poor Charles though ;;

This was a really good game! The suspense was incredible! The swaying of the camera and blinking really added to the feeling of slowly losing control! the little animation when meeting with Tyler was amazing.

This was a VN that I felt really benefited from being short, amazing job given the time constraints of the jam!

Really liked the art style, it suits the genre and theme really well! I really liked the first 2 puzzles but the 3rd was really misleading, i had to skip it after 30 mins ;; 

Overall a really great game!

i was so sad when the game ended, it was a creepy and interesting experience! the art was absolutely gorgeous and I really appreciated the inclusion of nb mc/characters too! thank you for the game! 

i loved the game!!! The story was intriuging, everyone was interesting & I loved how you could just be super horny for some monsters from the get go lol. The voice acting was really good too. 

my only issues (suggestions?): 
- since this is a VN with multiple endings, an option to skip seen text or at least save slots would make getting all the endings a lot easier

- the game has frozen for me on the screen where you're first supposed to look for the notes on every playthrough

Great job!!

thank you!!!! I've managed to get threee so far, it's so cute!! 

I wanted the nerdy historian to have a good end ;;

cute game but a little confused! 

are there 4 endings per person or just 4 endings in total....?

Gosh this was legitimately so creepy ;; I feel extra bad for amy cause she seemed so happy to connect with old friends at first ;;

Really good job, I liked it a lot!  But yes, as Tristan stated the game ending on an image was kinda confusing. Thank you for the excellent game! 

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this was a really cool game, I loved the subtle spookiness of it. The protagonist was also really well characterised, I really love the way you wrote her, she's so sensible!

I would do anything for Miss Camilla tho rip lol

the background moving with the cursor was a really nice touch! really cute start, can't wait to see where it goes!

Such a cute kinetic novel! Frog was my fave!! Bigfoot best mom friend!!!

really like the writing & character designs so far!! can't wait for the full game!

really fun, love the variations!

I really enjoyed this kinetic novel! The little animation was a nice touch too! I hope you do more with these characters! 

this was a super cute game, i had a fun time playing it!!

this was really good and bittersweet! a really nice take on the "end of a MMO" genre, I hope she calls me! lmaoooo

delightfully bizarre

I really love the writing and management system, it's such a good game!!! Spent a good part of my weekend completing a Dom run and can't wait to start on a sub one! I'm always surprised by the sheer amount of variation in interactions with the employees, can't wait for more updates! 

p.s. mason is my fave, love my four armed dude

this was really interesting and educational! thank you for making this game!

so wholesome, loved every second of it. i thought it'd be hard remembering where everyone lived but everyone had such unique and memorable personalities! would replay 10/10

thank you for the game!

and thank you person who gave me a weird italian man to deal with

teeny old man