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I found a bug! (It's a huge caterpillar who just cannot get enough to eat!)

This is really cool, I'm excited for v8 to come out!!

This was incredibly lovely and exactly what I needed right now. Thank you so much for the delightful story.

Thank you for the heads up about the fonts! I think they should be fixed now. Glad you enjoyed the game :)

The white tree was a seed from this thread somewhere! Not sure what page though, sorry!

Sorry, I have a LOT I'd like to share <3 This is such a fun game and I love plants and mushrooms!!

These are my favorite mushrooms, in order! The first one is called that because that's what we call asparagus in my family. The fourth one (gray caps with blue stem) isn't done growing yet, but I'm excited for when it is! Can you tell I really love glowing mushrooms? haha

The first one in this next group has nothing special but she's so quintessentially a toadstool. I love her. I love all these mushrooms a lot.

Ok that's it for mushrooms. I was trying really hard to get some interesting Curling vines but it was really hard to get anything worth looking at tbh. Most of them had absolutely no stars. But these are the couple that I liked. Then after that: I have quite a few cave blossoms but I feel like everyone else in this forum has better cave blossoms than I was able to find myself. Here's my one single contribution since this one looks really nice from afar. And finally, I just really like Snail.

This is what my living room looks like, and it's making my computer lag so much! (probably just because chrome has been running so long, but I was afraid to close it before I saved some of the seeds of these plants)

And my bathroom, for good measure.

Thank you so much! I'm glad you noticed the sun moving: I always worry little details like that will go unnoticed and I'm adding them for nothing :)

Super happy you liked it!

Awww my heart 😥

Fun little maze with the feel-good feeling of giving heads back to their rightful owners! :D

tfw you are a skeleton 💀

This was really nice :)

I used what little I learned of Spanish in high school to puzzle out some of the Portuguese, but I could feel the love for your friends in this even without words! Love the art too :D

Cute! I was kind of worried this would take a turn (like Little Red Riding Hood) and I'm really glad it didn't. It was really nice to just think about being able to visit my grandma and talk to people on the street :)

Cute! I really like the art in the balcony scene. :)

This was a lovely story. Great job :)

This whole series was an incredibly lovely journey. I'm so glad it ended well: the first 4 parts made me feel an incredible melancholy that I loved, but this hopeful ending was just what I needed right now. Thank you for this wonderful experience.

I loved this so much! I was looking into bitsy games to learn a bit of what I could do with the platform, and this is by far my favorite I've played so far. This theme is just so lovely. Thank you <3

This was really nice. Thanks. I especially like the bit about ghosts. That hit hard.

Incredibly lovely. Thank you for filling my cowboy longing 🤠 ❤ 

Hey it's no problem! Thanks dude :)

Yeah there are a lot of spelling errors because twine doesn't/didn't have any kind of spellcheck and I wrote it completely in twine. Hope your experience wasn't too negatively affected!

Still a classic, years later. I loved reading the post-mortem as well. Thanks for making this and being a part of the playlist that I go to when times are tough <3

What a charming game! :)