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Thanks for playing! I rarely get any feedback on it so it's greatly appreciated!

Since I can't open the file anymore due to it not being able to update to the newer version of the software, I cannot continue developing it sadly.  I liked making it and I do occasionally open it up to play it.

I'm working on new games at the moment, but I actually like the engine I made this in a lot and would like to make more games in it.  

Thanks for the finest writing of our times.

I've played various iterations of this game and the Frantic Fanfic team has grown from a Google Docs game into a browser game. I would love to play this game seriously on long mode with fangirl friends.

It really reveals which one of your friends is wild and doesn't follow instructions, which is how I ended up with an 18+ fic of a deep cleaning fic of Mr. Clean and a Japanese train (shinkansen) when I asked for a PG fic.

I honestly forgot there are little things in the game like that could be considered something that would be a hobby in itself. Fishing mastery and bug catching mastery and all the weird places bugs land are such a thing! Even the weird choice of scaling when you make figures, my friend and I talk about it sometimes.

Thanks!! Yeah, since we couldn't go out but people could come over and trade/catalog what they needed from each other to build a world where they could explore and make our own. Even though I have most items in the game, I JUST found more new ways to play because I'm playing in a community.

There is always something for someone to do, once you fix one this, another thing looks wrong. New designs come and items come out all the time, so you can re-design as much as you like.  Some of my friends don't play anymore but they open the game just to play with me because we can't see each other in real life.

Easy to understand and read! Learned something new. Thanks!

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I really loved this zine. 

As someone who pivoted from a cooking zine (wow, what was I thinking? More work on top of work) to something that was more fun (Animal Crossing Zine), why did we inherit a future where we are forced to monetize our hobbies? Who can afford not to monetize their hobbies? Also, huge pressure to monetize zines despite the culture it was years ago.

Ya, my friends tell me their personal Animal Crossing stories and they are really side-splittingly funny. The villagers do have certain stock phrases and interactions but each person has their own personal experiences with some. I forgot to put in that  Pippy once made four villagers cry in a row, back to back!

I feel like everyone has the same shared experience playing so they can relate or they can be like, "I didn't feel like that at all and it was like this for me. I almost did a zine about food but I was like, "it seems like more of a job than a hobby the more I work on this" where Animal Crossing is more of a fun hobby.


This popped into my inbox! I'm surprised that CFAD is 2 years old! Congrats!

I put the pie on the floor and put it back on the table because I felt guilty.

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I liked how this three star cave blossom turned out, code: 057 4880
Plant 2: 055 5184 
Plant 3: 055 9989

Realistic dating. LOL I'm glad there are cat interactions (in every game I have tried so far).