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So Twonky made a temporary fix for those of us eager to try stuff out! Check the comments here:

a) It's awesome that someone was able to put out a fix for the game while I was sleeping.

b) I think the bug is due to different cultures when loading the mod data. Do you use commas for decimal places where you live? That might explain why "0.75" is being interpreted as 75.

Here we use commas for decimal places, but that's only an issue with some microsoft software

Bronze Age is written in C#, which is developed by microsoft.

Okay, found a better fix than using Twonky's mod. This is for people who live in regions where commas are used for decimal place. Instructions are for Windows 7 but probably apply to different Windows.

Go to Control Panel -> Region and Language.

Change the Format to some type of English, or else it probably also works if you go to Additional Settings and change the Decimal symbol to "."

I'm not sure I'd call changing windows settings a better fix that Twonky's mod. Are there other issues the mod doesn't address?