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Nice glad to help! Once the new update/patch comes out is my world going to be playable again?

alright I uploaded here:!QGRFDSzY!xKed8eDun4kYsz_gseuZEkY7uCuSmSrqhzZsse_EIy8  

Oh yeah I accidentally clicked on your profile and you have a space age version of this game? I gotta check this out!

You think I could edit the game save to fix it possibly?


I never had any trade routes with the any tribe. I was making and trying to make a trade route with a different tribe. But I got this glitch before i could do anything. 

uhh this tribe non stop spams me with this notification. They constantly keeps coming at a rate its hard to even save and quit the game. I have no idea what triggered this. This is my best world so far because i have bad problems with happiness and administration. So I don't want to lose it if it comes down to that.

After one battle and another ended up capturing the entire map. Wondering if they respawn to make a new settlement.

Only a couple more to go!

When you make a militia or skirmisher barracks you could upgrade and deploy them and then destroy the building and they would still be there.

Well they are going to get what they deserve! They have been terrorizing my empire for way to long. They made it hard to even trade between settlements killing my caravans. I am ready for the great war that is going to ensue soon. Btw keep up the good work I love the ideas and potential this game has, and the live updating trello have is great for development!

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Ok tyvm! As I was waiting for the response I made a bigger and better world. atleast you fixed a bug!

I am constantly getting the fatal error screen on my world. I was invading a maskling base and when a was nearly done I was brought to the fatal error screen. Tried reloading the game multiple times with no luck.