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I remember playing this when it was new. I was young and didn't realize what gender I would end up being. I played every RPG Maker game on VGPerson's website and especially liked the one where you play as a ghost and scare people. Anyway, Libretta came out and it wasn't what I expected but it made me feel things. I hope it can help you feel things too. I highly recommend it.

I'm only to the second birch tree but I'm already so so so happy. Thanks for making this. So far this is amazing.

I like this version a lot. I like the chaos of the shapes not being circles. I also really like being able to pet them. Very sweet. Very nice. Good version of Suika game.

As of yesterday I changed my mind and now I want to make a 6-3 board.

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I am on your team helping you with this project. From time to time I'll notice an empty square and when that happens I drop L and S pieces until I get down there, fix it, and then we build back up, better.

This game could use a method to make blocks fall faster. The early levels are a slog but then it gets really good.

Press F4. I don't know why alt+enter doesn't work for this game. It really should, but F4 works. A lot of RPG Maker Games work with F4.

Congratulations on the release. Going to play right now.

Unable to install this from the itch app for some reason. When clicking install it shows no versions.

Thank you for continuing to support this game!

Okay! Thanks for clearing that out!

I want you to know that I love your game but I hate the "Quit without saving????" message considering it's impossible to manually save.

Is there a way to save this game or is it only at certain autosave points?

I enjoy this as a fun little puzzle with a neat narrative! I had a similar idea myself for a deckbuilding cardgame based on a similar idea and playing this one really elucidated a lot of different ideas and ways it could go. I love that you have wells, converter, defenses, and goals. It's an elegant and neat system! It's a little DIFFICULT even on the easiest setting, because a lot of the things you want to do for the second two scenerios require a lot of advanced knowledge, and it takes a very long time to fail the game if you have yourself on a dead end path. Very punishing game. However, it's quite rewarding when you finally win. It's a great challenge!

Oh it worked! THank you!

Windows 10, downloaded from 

I agree. RPG Maker should indeed provide the ability to export to Linux binaries. We should hit them up about that.

This is likely a problem to do with your keyboard and not a problem to do with Celeste, actually. A lot of keyboards don't support a lot of keys held down at the same time.  I'm glad you managed to find a workaround by setting the buttons to different keys! That's pretty much all you can do unless you want to invest in an expensive n-key rollover keyboard that doesn't have such problems.

It would be nice if you could exit levels you've already completed and keep collectibles such as upgradium without needing to finish the whole level.

I'm having an issue where WaveCrash is just Crash. I can't get into a game. the game just closes. Is this a common issue?

Managed to win. Touhou Flappy Bird is hard.

Love the game, played the heck out of it. 

Final boss is REALLY difficult. (at least I assume she's the final boss). She's not affected by the points I put into leveling up the Chasers, is she? :| :| I can't beat her and I'm worried I need to start over since there's no way to delevel that stat.

Game can't be downloaded from the app. Says "Not available on windows".

Game crashes if you talk to patchouli while carrying chocolate.

In the new version I can't seem to get any survivor babies even when I have 8 kebabs. Is the number of kebabs higher? Was the restriction changed to something else?

Thank you! After the most recent patch I no longer have any trouble getting up to a stable living state!

One thing that's a little bit concerning is that now Seagulls are littering my landscape. Maybe a "dump it into the ocean" option might be nice for excess feathers as I don't exactly need 30 hammocks.

Hammocks must be placed between two trees. You can press R to rotate the hammock if it won't appear. You need a space between the two trees as well. same goes for the Drying Rack so you can make dried fish while you bide your time until you can get your kabob engine going.

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This game went from chill to incredibly difficult. I'd love to see the devs post a video of them getting up to a stable gamestate from the start so I can see how in the heck one's expected to get the hammock in time to avoid dying of sleep while also not starving and/or dying of thirst. 

That and double sharks can attack the same square at the same time, which I can't see any reasonable way to stop. 

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Seems like if you have a box and a campfire and more than one person on the raft, the people will fight over whether fish and lemons go in the fire or if they go in the box.

You should probably make it so people can't pick fish back up after placing it on the campfire.

How long is so long?

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Wow these are some challenging basic puzzles! I am completely stuck after number 2! I can't figure out 3 - 6 at all! I suppose what I mean to say is nice job, but... man!

Ha I couldn't ever manage to pull off the A-jump into B-un-make in one player!

Thanks for fixing that bug! I playtested it, found the wall, went back into the editor, couldn't figure out what happened, playtested it again, and didn't get the wall the second time and I thought I had done something somehow, or had failed to initialize something or I don't know what. I'm glad it was a bug and not me going crazy!

And thank you for calling some of the puzzles clever!

Thank you for fixing the bug with the invisible walls! I encountered that one!


Nicely done! That was really fun to watch!

How did you come to this conclusion?