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They're both so judgemental. I think those metal limbs are very cool. I bet I could be friends with her.

Alternate ending, perhaps? Lol

I could use those ideas. It stops registering my spacebar after it transitions to the next section of path.

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I'm playing on the browser.  I've found a seemingly game-breaking glitch. After racing with Dustin, if I challenge him to a rematch immediately, and roll to the end, instead of ending the race, it gives me the option to talk to him, and I can leave the roped-off area as if it's not even there. If I go back to the start, however, I can't walk through the rope like I can on the far end, which means I can't go back to collecting wood. I can't leave, and I can't finish the race. All it lets me do is challenge Dustin again.

Also the plant minigame has a lot of issues. A lot of my spacebar presses aren't registered, and when I transition to the next section of path none of my spacebar presses are registered. Turning on the cheat doesn't make it an easy or automatic win but instead makes it an instant automatic fail. I think it would be incredibly helpful if we could talk to Bucky about getting an "aid" for the task, or maybe even asking Mabel to help since she seems so giddy about what Rascal is doing. The latter could play into a type of "interest".

The game would also benefit greatly from a save feature.

It helps to click on all the cats and learn their personalities. The black cat that you influence is easily frightened. Lions are very scary.

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It's not nearly as scary or heartstopping as the comments make it sound, but it is imaginative and relatable. Even as an adult I get that creepy feeling like something might slip through a door or window at the last second. 

I did get very nervous when the power went out, and when the legs came across the screen. I was expecting a jumpscare. But thankfully, for with heart conditions can rest easy, there are no jumpscares. That's rare these days. 

I feel like you could make this longer, with a little more psychological horror. Maybe a sound behind the player, or something that makes them want to look away from the garage door. Maybe the player could approach the door to investigate.

Maybe a small animal could wander by, to give the player a false sense of relief. Like "Oh, it was just a cat".

Overall, I liked it. I also like the design of Mr.Spook. 

That's the point.

Hi, I'm surprised nobody has answered you in a month!

No, there's no jumpscare. There is some mild spookiness, but it's not loud, fast, or in your face.

There's a weird bug where the clock doesn't turn over. I don't know what caused it, I just noticed all of a sudden it was 7:218 in the morning and I starved to death. I also get an error message when trying to eat healthy food from my inventory. I haven't noticed if it happens any other time, and it still seems to go through, but it does boot me out of fullscreen mode when it happens.

Are there any food places that are open 24/7? I'm constantly having to use the cheat menu because there's nowhere to eat.

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Personally, I'd like more options. The option to scare them but release them, the option to make them wish they were dead...
Longer gameplay would be nice too.

Also, I'm happy to report I got all the endings. ♥ I think my favorite was Changed.

Instructions of ANY sort would be helpful. All I can do is pick up what appears to be two bags and put them on the floor or what appears to be a checkout counter. People come in, icons pop up with crosses through them, suggesting there's something missing, and then they leave.

I can't put the bags on any of the supposed surfaces (why are there so many different countertops??), I can't give them to the customers, I can't open them, I can't talk to the customers, I can't do anything. 

I don't know if it's just me, but it's incredibly laggy, which makes it very hard to control. I'm using Edge on Windows.

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It may just be me, but the graphics are SEVERELY broken on browser, and it won't load when downloaded.

What's the purpose of the storage space? Doesn't seem as though I run out of stuffs.

Just as I started making a price-per-town list, I realized that the prices change a little each visit. TT-TT  There goes my super "Buy here, sell here" idea!

But I kind of like it, too. Feels more real.

I can't even get through the second room (kitchen?). How am I supposed to get over a cabinet that has a barrier above it?

If you ever decide to update or remake this game, I think it'd be a good idea to have some way of getting to know the people you're publishing this for. Do they want brutal stuff about murder, or do they want relief from the brutality of life like reading about baseball games?

It's in the bottom drawer in the math room.

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I look forward to that!

I'm considering doing a dub of the demo with some friends, just for fun. Would that be alright with you? There's only three of us, so it'll probably be quite a long time before it actually happens, if it ever does, but I thought I should ask while I'm ahead. :)

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There are a couple of spelling and grammatical errors, but nothing too distracting. I'd be happy to help with proofreading, by the way. I don't do it professionally, but I do write in my spare time. 

I've never been a fan of long intros to games, but this one was actually pretty nice to read through. The way you framed the interactions between Jillian and her friends is nice, too. I can see the issue from both sides. Jillian looks like a bitch, and we see how it makes her friends feel, but we also see how quickly everyone drops her, and how that makes her feel when she's just worried about being her best. It's good, it doesn't feel so one-sided. Nobody's really the bad guy here. She's unaware of her faults, not maliciously intending to hurt them.

I don't think I need to point out how stunning the artwork is. Wonderful music, too. I could sit on that title screen all day and just listen to it.

All of them.

I think I probably did something wrong.

I just finished Day One, and I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong, or all of the customers are supposed to be unhappy with their coffee. Is it a statement about baristas not being appreciated, or am I actually doing something wrong?

Oh my gods, this was so incredibly wholesome. It was so nice to play something heartwarming for a change. I need more. I need more of this apartment, and the people in it.

1.04, I don't know what the error code was because it shut down before I got the chance to read the whole thing. I did tell it to send an error report, though.

Crashes on launch.

It's nice, but it feels really unbalanced and unfair. I don't have anyone backing me up, and while I'm trying to convert one fan, two more come after me. I finally figured out how to get large groups to turn at once, but as soon as they reach her, she uses the exact same move and I have to run around avoiding hits until I have enough power to jump into the crowd and flip them all back to yellow. Only for them to immediately turn blue once more. I'm taking damage three times faster than my opponent.

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It's a little frustrating to get down to 2 health, and have to spend 37 gold to get a single HP back. Keep the +1 HP potions cheap, add some more expensive ones that add more HP or have other special features.

Would like to be able to skip the dialogue, also.

As someone else said, needs a way to distinguish strong enemies from weak ones. Maybe label them with levels or make the regions more separated (like around the village, they're weak, but if I cross a bridge there's stronger ones or something).

EDIT: After posting my complaint about the indistinguishable enemies, I went back in, and eventually ran into a 600 HP Mystic sitting directly in front of the village. It had wandered from the top of the map to the desert.

With what part?

Alright. You'll want to flip the switch to the left. The number pad that comes up is connected to the "Monsier Braille" portion of the paper. The braille translates to two different number patterns. Each 4-digit pattern brings up a different panel.

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Access the 7x7 panel (with all the small square green buttons on the lower lefthand side). Press a button, note the color of the buttons. Look at the paper on the wall for something that matches that color.

Sorry for the delay.

I don't know, man, look at how she writes about him. Hearts? Loves him so much it makes her stomach twist? That's romantic love.

It's not about whether or not the game itself was a success. Apparently you have to identify if it's a real game, with the correct name of the creator, and the correct genre. If ANY of it is wrong, you lose subs.

It's no fun for people who don't have every video game out there released and all who made it memorized. I saw Hack Life 2, which obviously sounds like Half Life 2. I don't know who made it, I don't know who all was on the team of people who made it. But I know of the game, so I figured it must be right. NOPE!

Meanwhile, I see games that ring no bells, with names or companies that ring no bells, so I decline and lose THOUSANDS.

It'd be so much more player friendly if you at least made the games sound remotely similar, or only made company names a letter off. I can't even do Google searches because I have no clue if these are real names or not. Bethesda I recognize, and I THOUGHT I recognized Capcom in there once, but apparently I was wrong again.

And why do I lose hundreds of subs for not playing a game? They shouldn't know I said no to it!


Guys please don't give out answers. Give hints to let people find the answers themselves.

Finished the game btw. If anyone needs clues or hints, let me know , I'd be happy to give you a nudge.

#4 is several codes. 

As for the 7x7 buttons, look at the color they turn when pressed. What else is that color?

look at the color of the buttons when you press them. What else is that color in the room?

I'm not sure how I feel about this child falling in love with a fox. Like on one hand, child no. But on the other, I totally understand, and I want her to find some sort of happiness, especially considering Benjamin doesn't appear to be a normal fox.

I'm only getting a black screen and toolbars.