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Truly fantastic. I hope it gets updates once in a while to add to the already incredible and impressive database, since new songs are coming out all the time, and there's always new ways a stand could work.

Browser version review:

I want to like it because it seems like a good concept, but it's absolutely irritating. 

The music is like nails on a chalkboard, and the controls are so bad, I'm speechless. I'm not sure if these issues are inherent, or due to lag, but it took a full life and half the second's lifespan to get out of the starting area because it wouldn't jump when I told it to, or wouldn't move when I told it to. 

The lifespan goes down much too rapidly to be able to leave the starting area AND navigate the surroundings to find a mate in a single life.  I could interact with the diamonds, but again it was so difficult to move, it didn't do much good in the end. Also the diamonds not reappearing for the next creature is very unhelpful. If I can only get so far WITH diamonds, how am I supposed to get that far without them?

Installed version review: 

It won't start, I'm stuck on a black screen. I let it sit for 20 minutes after the loading bar vanished, and nothing. I was really hoping it would fix the issues I had originally typed out for the browser version, but unfortunately not.

It's the actual "game" that's using your thumbnail on that website, hahaha

I'd love to play, but there's no install button.

It's tricky, because you have to aim very precisely, and I was expecting a lot more flame, but it's not bad. I'm stuck on the the kitchen of the first level, because I can't find how to connect to the gas leak, and the wine rains down very quickly.

Not bad, not great, but I do love the idea, I've been looking for something like this for a while.

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Are you guys aware this game is being used to advertise a different/copycat game on QGames?

There's no install button

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Wonderful to hear! I'm excited to make these masked children kneel before me with my mighty, fearsome power! Mwahahaha~!!

Edit: Naea, I can't wait to kick you out of my village and feed you to the boars. Don't you backsass me.

Got a villager who is extremely rude... is there a way to kick these brats out when they disrespect their all-powerful bunny leader? I tried to kill her, but she gets back up.

Looking forward to future updates!!

Fun for a short while, but the questions period goes by way too fast for me to read more than two questions unless I hit random buttons, and  I think it could use more variety.

Alright. I gave it another try with a controller, and it does control better that way. I thank you for pointing that out. Computer controls should still be adjusted though, for those who can't connect a gamepad. I struggled to get much food, but I'm not sure if that's on me or a sign there should be more animals/hunting adjustment. 

It needs a LOT of polish, but I also like the concept. I can't interact with anything, I can't walk to the left half of the cabin, I was able to walk onto the black and off the screen. I can walk over the car, over the trees, over the dog (which is a tad big, btw), and the screen effect doesn't actually reach the corners.

I'd really love to play this, but as-is, it's not playable. I look forward to this game getting some updates.

I'm too tired to cook twice and the wife leaves because I'm not pampering her? Wow.

The controls are terrible. Remove the camera controls and just make it a 3/4 top view. They're much too sensitive as they are. Just make the mouse the pointer, so the fox knows where to attack. As is, the fox has no idea how to attack.  I suggest making pick up and drop the same button, also. Easier to keep track of, that way.

Would love to see a mobile version of this.. with a lot more to it! I'm sure you could think of loads more sins and good things to put in there :D

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It freezes after the second question during interrogation..

Regardless of which question, or what I choose.

What are your feelings regarding people using this to make adoptables?

It won't open for me.

Here's the error log (on Pastebin)

For some odd reason, I can't open the game. It says "Your browser does not support WebGL", even though I don't think it's opening with a browser, since I downloaded it? Shame, I was looking forward to playing.

I can't play. :( The window is taller than my screen and I can't see anything but blue.

The Shifter community · Created a new topic Bugs

All of the furniture is completely invisible. I can bump into it and move it to the truck, and see it once it's under "In The Truck", but there is nothing visible in the house or yellow square, in Scenario or Timed mode. 

(Also, I suggest putting a barrier around the house, I was easily able to walk right off the map into the blue abyss.)

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Completely unplayable for me. I don't think this is any fault of the game itself, per say, but rather there's just so much detail and quality put into it that it overloaded my pitiful netbook, and froze it for a full 10 minutes after snakey guy showed up to take me to Lord Stitches. I also noticed (and I think this has to do with lag) that while trying to move the characters, it was like I was dragging a 5-ton boulder by my ankles. It was painfully slow.

I hope it's easier on the hardware in the future, or maybe a console version will be made available, I'd really love to be able to play some day.

THAT BEING SAID! Everything I was able to experience was simply fantastic! The music was wonderful, the animation as the characters moved was smooth (when it wasn't lagging), and the artwork is admirable to say the least. I really love the comedy and self-awareness, and the blood gushing from "Scarf Boy's" apparently smashed head was shocking. but fantastic in a morbid way. I loved every detail of what little I was able to experience. Keep up the great work!

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Toffee is such a precious babbyyyyyyy!!! I need plushies of him right away. ♥♥♥♥♥

The amount of blatant strawmen and lies in this game is just unbelievable. I wish I'd never even seen this game.

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So I was really enjoying the game, screaming over how adorable Sammy is, when it came to the option ask her to be a friend or girlfriend. I thought to myself "Well, in-game, my character and Sammy have been talking for months, so it makes way more sense to ask her out, than to ask her to be friends, because they'd already BE friends at this point. Plus, that sounds like the cutest option, and if she declines, it'll automatically put me on the friend route anyway and let me build it up manually. If she accepts, then it's just meant to be a short game, and that's fine."

So I asked her out.

And then I got lectured and insulted for choosing what I thought would be the most adorable route. This instantly ruined the game for me, being called pathetic for wanting to pass the time, and accused me of feeling "obligated" to date her for meeting her in a bathroom. Since when was "Will you be my girlfriend" someone demanding they date you? 

And to top it all off, if I DON'T date Sammy, you bitch and moan about how hard you worked on this game, and how I'm an asshole for NOT trying to date her. If I ask to be friends, Sammy says, just as I said above, that we'd been talking for months and were already friends, then mocks me for not asking her out on a dating sim.

Why waste your time and effort composing and drawing and scripting and blahblahblahwhogivesafuck, if you're just going to whine no matter what anyone does? I don't try to win, you whine like a little baby because I didn't play properly, and thus wasted your hard work. I DO try to win, and you whine like a bitch and call me a shit person for trying to appreciate your hard work, and say that hard work is stupid.

Some people may have found it funny, but it completely ruined what I thought was going to be a cute game. It's no wonder you don't have any fanart.

It's not a bad game, but it's certainly frustrating. I've having a difficult time gathering resources without dying after collecting only a few pieces of coal or iron. Maybe it gets easier after playing some more, but I just wanted to express my irritation. It doesn't really ruin it for me, though.

I have the same problem of items either this (above^), or not stacking properly (sometimes I'll look down and have 3 or 4 stacks of coal of 2, 5, 36, and 87, generally speaking. The only way to fix it is by throwing out all the items, or at least all but one stack, but this is a massive hassle when the first stack (and thus, the one it throws from) is the one with 87 items. :/

The stacks are super glitchy, and this is an important bug that needs to be fixed.

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I can't harvest the wheat. I have an empty basket selected, the bar is full, the wheat is brown, and I'm clicking frantically, but I'm not getting any wheat. Between this, and the mice, I may as well be a dead man. In a game like this, if I couldn't farm, I'd fish... but I need wheat to make rope to make a rod to fish! I'm living off of berries, and that's only just barely.


I clicked on my second bed of wheat, and it harvested just fine. It's just this one bed. 


I made a new basket, and suddenly the first bed let me harvest!? I'm so confused!!

So, I played four times.

Game One: I chopped down the tree, and made the raft square before rebuilding the tree. The shark attacks, and the female fights it. She falls in the water, and both she and the shark disappear. I continue playing with just the male, but I begin struggling to keep up with his hunger and construction fairly quickly. He starves to death.

Game TwoI chop down the tree, and again make the raft a full square. The shark attacks, and I'm able to fight it off a few times, getting a fairly comfortable raft with two chests and three trees growing at once. Suddenly, the girl falls in, and I try to get the guy to rescue her, but she dies. This is where the bugs really start happening. I notice here that he stops following commands. He'll build a tree, but he won't repair raft parts, and sometimes won't build things or cook food. He also gets stuck on the fire pit until he gets hungry. I press Restart.

Game Three: This time, the first thing I do is build a chest, then rebuild the tree, and they put all the fruit directly into the chest, as predicted. No more seagull problems, good. From here, I start expanding the raft. I get the raft fairly big, and I notice that the chest is apparently full, as they're not putting fruit in it, so I start making another row of raft to put the chests side-by-side. In the middle of construction, the shark attacks, and the guy fights it this time. He falls in, and I send the girl to save him. She fights off the shark, but he drowns, apparently, because I can't get him out of the water. So I'm left with just the girl. I'm doing alright, since I was already well-off before the guy died, but she too stops listening to some of my commands. The shark attacks the new chest, and she fights it off. I tell her to repair it, and she ignores it, opting to resume building the tree. After she's done, she still doesn't fix the raft. Instead, she starts moving food from the undamaged chest to the damaged one, with the Repair symbol over it. The chests both become full, so I build a third one. The shark attacks the raft where the fire pit is, and she fights it off. I tell her again to repair the two damaged spots, and she plays around with the food some more until I rapidly click the repair button on the fire pit. Finally, she goes to fix it. It's another several minutes, and more playing with the fruit, before she finally repairs the raft under the chest. She, too, starts getting stuck on the fire pit, until she gets hungry. She fights the shark, falls in the water, and I frantically try to make her climb out, but she dies.

Game Four: I start off the same way as Game Three, having decided it is the most effective method. It's not long before the shark attacks, and the girl falls into the water. The guy fights off the shark, the girl is still alive, and I click on her in attempt to pull her out, but she's still acting as though the shark is eating her. She dies. I quit.

Now, I don't know if it's part of the game design to not be able to rescue the other person, but I think it's a feature that should be available. Also, as you may have noticed, the people seem unable, or unwilling to repair parts of the raft that are under chests, and ignore some commands after one person has died. I would also like the option to have both people fight the shark.

I'm just wondering if that's normal. I've never seen a game ask for permissions before.

You need to tell them what error messages you get, what happens when you try to play, etc. Do you click "Launch" and nothing happens? Does it open, and immediately crash? Are you using the player, or did you download it from the website? They don't have access to your computer, and any number of things could be causing it to stop working. Nobody can help if you don't give details.

It says it wants to make a change to my computer??

I don't know what's wrong with it, but it broke before the game even started.

I can't see anything. :/ The game is way too dark to navigate.

This game was actually a lot of fun! It's been a long time since I've enjoyed a puzzle game. I hope you add some more levels, or make a sequel! ♥

Is the version available here a demo? There's a lot of objects missing (diary, etc.), and interactions I see available in playthroughs, but aren't here.

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It's cute, and kind of interesting to see what happens when you do different things with different people, but after your second or third attempt, it feels mundane and pointless, because you quickly realize that no matter what you do, you're either going to suffer, starve, or become evil. In the end, there is no choice, there is no good ending, and that takes away from the enjoyment.

Third playthrough, I was working very hard to keep a pure heart, and had resorted to eating apples and picnic baskets. I'd gotten a tiny smidge of darkness, by another character's fault, and suddenly, I was given no choice but to either punch the snowman in the face, or eat him. Being that I was starving from everyone trying to deny me food, I had to eat him. ONE bad action turned the entire heart black.

At that point I threw up my hands in defeat and quit the game. There is no winning. There is no saving the bear. He either dies or becomes evil, end of story.