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Is the version available here a demo? There's a lot of objects missing (diary, etc.), and interactions I see available in playthroughs, but aren't here.

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It's cute, and kind of interesting to see what happens when you do different things with different people, but after your second or third attempt, it feels mundane and pointless, because you quickly realize that no matter what you do, you're either going to suffer, starve, or become evil. In the end, there is no choice, there is no good ending, and that takes away from the enjoyment.

Third playthrough, I was working very hard to keep a pure heart, and had resorted to eating apples and picnic baskets. I'd gotten a tiny smidge of darkness, by another character's fault, and suddenly, I was given no choice but to either punch the snowman in the face, or eat him. Being that I was starving from everyone trying to deny me food, I had to eat him. ONE bad action turned the entire heart black.

At that point I threw up my hands in defeat and quit the game. There is no winning. There is no saving the bear. He either dies or becomes evil, end of story.

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Big Bad Studios, I seem to have the same problem. I tried it on all four available resolutions, but nothing changes.

Since nobody seems to have provided any visuals for you on what happens, here: http://prntscr.com/f7gr7v

It just stays like that, and if you go to the pause menu to restart, it's like that from the very beginning. http://prntscr.com/f7gtvc

It does this regardless of which answer you click. This makes me very sad because the visuals are beautiful, and the music is exciting, and I'd really like to enjoy the gameplay.

This sounds super interesting!! Would you consider making similar games for other languages? I'd personally be interested in Korean, Japanese, and Italian.

I thought the ending was kind of.... meh... and I would have liked it to be longer, with more interactions... but I guess it wasn't so bad. What was there, I did enjoy. I had fun with the books, and I found that you can throw the books into the bedroom and watch them slide up and down the wall, which was amusing.

I can't seem to get through level 8... Is the button supposed to do something?

Replied to Nozza in Bug reports

I'm having the same bug.

After a while of playing (about 2 hours in, to be more precise), my spear stops working. Selecting it shows me holding a plain stick, and clicking the shark does nothing. This has happened in 2 different games. Second time, I assumed this meant it was broken (I don't even know if tools CAN break), so I tossed it into the ocean and made a new one. No difference.

So when I opened the game, it had me calibrate, or whatever that was. Audio Lag was 0, so I clicked continue. I went into practice mode, but it wasn't recognizing any of my hits, and was saying I was missing. I adjusted my settings, went back into Practice Mode, and it crashed.

It'd be nice if traps were reusable. I see no reason why they shouldn't be. Also, throwing stones are essentially pointless. You have to be right up next to the animal for it to even hit, and even then, it stuns them no more than hitting them with the stick, which is equal to the stones in damage anyway.

As someone who is planning out their first game, I'm a little confused. Is this to say that I should forget about my ideas for random events to make my survival game more interesting to players? Or is this to say "Don't start on the random events, until you have your island created"? Or are you saying to go even smaller than that? How far ahead is too far?

Sorry if I sound rude, I'm eager to hear your advice.

Trying to launch the game gives me this prompt:

"There should be '135515_Data'

folder next to the executable"

I cannot open or play the game.

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So the items take about 5 seconds to update. The router goes out approximately every 12 seconds, though sometimes it will go out immediately after rebooting. You get a sleepiness warning that lasts about 3 seconds before you lose. If you're across the house, and get a warning, you do not have enough time to get to the bed and sleep, and if the router goes out the moment you reach the bed, or the bed suddenly needs an update, you lose before you even know what happened. Maybe my playthrough attempts just had the worst timing ever, but this seems unplayable.

Do you play survival games? It doesn't matter what kind. Island, apocalyptic, zombie, forest, 3D, 2D, Subnautica, Minecraft, etc.

If so, why? What about survival games in general, or one survival game specifically, makes you like it? How do you think they can be improved? What do you think is the worst part about survival games, or one survival game in particular?

If not, why not? What do you think is missing from survival games as a whole that could make it enjoyable? What could be added to a survival game that would convince you to play it?

There isn't any exploration to be done. Currently, the point is to defend your raft from the shark. Not having the shark would make it exceptionally boring (people are already complaining about it being boring :/ ) and there would be no challenge.

Use your hook to get as much wood and scrap as you can, and make a spear, first. Then make your nets.

I do agree, though, that the shark is quite obnoxious at times. I saw someone post something about anti-shark spikes to put on the edges, which I like. I hope the creator incorporates something like that. A while back, I suggested temporary islands, which I also really hope the implement. Everyone seems to want an island, but nobody is suggesting how to avoid it becoming an island survival (except me lul)

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So I was playing, and suddenly, the shark came swimming over to attack. I stabbed him a couple times, and then he started swimming in circles through my raft like it was nothing.

I wish I could have gotten it on video, but here', have a screenshot instead. (I can't get the image to appear, so here's the actually link)


I look forward to it being updated! I finished the game really quickly, so I'm super eager to see more challenges and a ton more levels!

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It's clever and fun, but the sensitivity/lag is simply chaotic. Please include resolution and mouse sensitivity settings. It's hard to control the cursor, thus making it very hard to play.

As someone who has played, I gotta tell you that this would not transition well to a phone. There is a lot to pay attention to and do at once. I don't think it'd make for a very fun experience.

Wonderful, thank you!

Why do you and 9 other people have the exact same game posted?

Posted in Feral comments

Game won't fit on my screen and lags severely. Please find a way to fix this.

I would like to play this, but I'm on Windows. Will it be available for Windows users soon?

Did you get the app? I've found some games won't download if you try to get them from a browser, and will only work via the itch-app.

I see. I'm a little sad I couldn't get through the game. If it makes you feel better, I did play through multiple times in effort to make the plany survive. I'm sorry to hear this was based off a real life event, I hope your city is recovering well.

Trying to talk about the painting just takes you back to the top of the list.

I don't really understand the point of this, nobody tells you anything, you can't do anything, and there's zero sense in trying to solve his death or find a killer because nobody tells you anything you don't already know.

So for some reason, Dropbox wouldn't even let me sign in, let alone open the download. :/

I did, however, discover the itch.io app, and was able to successfully install and play. Thank you for trying to help, though. It's a very nice game.

So I need to ask.... Is everyone just missing something, and it IS possible to keep the plant alive? Or is this a message about the futility of life?

I'm not sure how to calm the guests. I walk in, pick up an apple core, and they start yelling at me. I also get fired randomly in Zen Mode, always at the 5-hour mark. Was the timer not properly removed for Zen Mode?

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No other games on this site have refused to download, and I don't get any notification saying something was blocked. :(

Just in case, though, I turned off my adblock and tried again, but it still won't download. :/

Just ask for what you want, it's still being upgraded and worked on, there's 0 need for mods

Actually, if implemented right, it could work. It'd have to be difficult to build, though.

It wouldn't be a laser gun, as OP seems to be suggesting, but rather a shootable spear or harpoon (something I suggested in my own post). It would need a large base, though, like the tree planter, so you'd have to be well-prepared. It would also require a lot of every supply item, and several spears. You could shoot spears at the shark, assuming you have a clear line of sight and good aim. If harpoons (basically just spears with rope tied to them) are implemented, that'd make it easier to reel the shark in to kill it, or, if it goes with my post, have the shark pull you around.

Replied to Lunis in Suggestions/ideas

Underwater sounds fun, but how would you avoid the shark???

There is plenty, hon, if you use strategy. Gather lots of scraps and thatch, turn the thatch into rope, and make a water cooker. Try to put that wherever you plan your middle to be. Then make a harpoon and some item nets. Put the item nets on the sides of your raft, whichever side you see more objects floating past. Only ever put nets beside each other, not in front of nor behind, there is no need for that. Make a hammer and build around the water cooker. Build more item nets, then a food cooker, and a fishing rod. Occassionally collect supplies from the nets, build more nets (best to put them along the front of your raft, facing the direction the items are coming from). If you're feeling good about yourself by this point, you could optionally make a second set of cookers, just to double your food and water.

After some thought, and after looking at some other comments, I agree that more trees would be nice. Specifically fruit trees. Also, larger gardens would be a nice option, as well as a harpoon to stab into the shark and either pull it to you to kill it, or have it pull you across the ocean to new settings.

These new settings could have different kinds of fish, different amounts of different materials, or it could even be an island.

In regards to the island idea, after a night or two, a storm could happen, forcing the player to either return to the safety of their current raft, or risk being washed out to sea without it and having to start all over. If you implement all of these features, using the harpoon on the shark could also offer the slim chance of finding your old rafts, if you had lost them.

So it tells me to "Press A", but nothing worked except Tab. So I got through the menu with Tab, but as soon as it got to the game itself, not a single button would perform an action. Please include a controls guide, either in the game or in the description.

Directly into the Games folder.

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I can't get the "water_me_ver1_win.zip" version to download. Did the button break?

Okay seriously, I'm freaking out right now. I keep all of my games in a Games folder under My Documents. When I decided I didn't like your game, I went to uninstall it and it deleted the folders and files for Guild Wars 2, Raft, and Black Desert Online. All of my save files are GONE. Everything I worked so hard on in those games is gone forever, they're not in the recycle bin. I even tried to do a system restore, but the last restore point is from January 22nd, so I can't get them back without losing several art projects and essays.

This is a serious problem. Why would it delete things that aren't part of your game? What would have happened if I had told the Installer to put the game in my programs directory? Would it have deleted vital programs and files, like it did when I put it in PC/Documents/Games?

Plot twist: It's not soil.