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I see the problem. It's me. Despite hitting Z to start and getting the menu to start playing, I forgot that pressing Z to start actually means 'bring up the menu' when it was time to quit the game. Sorry for that but thank you for taking the interest in my issue!

I love this game. A lot of fun. Challenging without being too easy or too hard. Good mechanics, great sound and music. Cool aesthetic. Only problem, and maybe I'm just missing something, but there doesn't seem to be a way to Quit the game, not even by hitting Esc. I just alt-F4 it so I mean it's not a major issue but still seems a strange thing to omit.

10 minutes of pressing spacebar, 5 minutes of fighting to get the mats, then death from no health left. GG.

I like the artwork and the concept. Character movement needs some refinement. I found all of them frustrating to control. There seem to be many ways to get them stuck in places with no way out. I don't know if I didn't hit a checkpoint but G wasn't bringing them anywhere. I could see this being pretty enjoyable with some more polish.

No idea. Nothing happened. Guy showed his teeth once then went back to normal. A way to quit the game would make a good addition. I like the art.

IMMURE community · Created a new topic Superb.

Fantastic. Can't wait for the full game. Love the blend of classic adventure game and horror/survival. Beautiful atmosphere, sounds, and artwork. Brilliant example of how to pull off a demo and how much more effective they are than early access.

A lot of fun to play. I'm really enjoying it. Just a couple of my own critiques: 1) Right mouse button to attack gets a bit rough with it being the primary button used. 2) Enemies spawn a bit quickly. I'll still be fighting and get swarmed just from new spawns. Other than that, it's looking good! With all the odds and ends type loot a light crafting system might be cool to see for potions and maybe some weapons/armor. Nice work!

Best game about petting dogs I've ever played. 20/10 good pups.

Thank you for the biggest smile I've had in weeks. That was... a delight. Pure joy to experience.

Last Wood community · Replied to 713 in FAQ

Still getting the hang of it but I like it. Just to note with the resolution, my native is 1920x1080 but in this resolution at fullscreen some things still go off-screen like the top crafting item description. Thank you for the game!

This game creeps me out more than AAA horror titles. I love it.

Cool. Good enough for me. Thanks for the info. I'll continue to enjoy the heck out of this game.

Tough to figure out when you start off with 10 pages of tutorial and then I get attacked immediately with no idea how to fight back. It would be much better if you get tutorial tips as you play with that much information. Looks neat but I just got frustrated.

Does adding a mod cause any issues with existing saves? Do you have to create a new save to use a mod?

This game is a real treat to play. I've seen it grow a lot since I first played it on Kongregate (right before the mountain was added I believe) and glad it's doing so well. Can't wait to see more from your team!

You're very welcome. It's great to see a project come to completion and that's done with such love, care, and attention to detail as well as seeing a team take real pride in their work. I totally understand that sentiment and can't wait to play those future projects.

I really wish I could say more, but this game is just perfect. I loved the music, the art, the sounds, the puzzles, the interface... it's literally perfect.
The only complaint is that you don't have more of these to play. I wouldn't have minded if this one was longer and with some slightly more involved puzzles. It was really a treat to play.
This is a top notch example on how to make a game in the same/similar style or genre.
I would love to see you make more just like this as well as higher resolution versions with the same/similar interface. (updated/improved versions of this style) and with different story genres. Keep up the amazing work. I look forward to seeing more from you! Thank you for letting us play!