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That will be great since I'm using them as a tilemap and hopefully that will fix the issue :D

That's what I ended up doing. And yes I agree for just a pound its a steal

Amazing asset pack! Do you think you could make a video on how to use the tiles correctly? I'm having trouble using them as a tilemap

Thank you :) Had to search quite hard to find them

Haha thank you! I had some people complain about difficulty so after the jam I might has a difficulty slider

Thank you! I tried searching the depths of google for good assets

Haha Thank you! 

Thank you! I was 100% inspired by Stardew valleys fishing mechanic .  Also congrats to finishing the jam! I remember playing your game when the jam finished and how blown away it was on how polished it was!

Thank you! One of my favorite games is stardew valley and I got inspiration on how the game fishing mechanic works.

Thank you for the feedback! I didn't think about that when I was making it. In the future I will remember to think about stuff like that :D

Thank you! It took me some time finding music that would fit the game so I'm glad you liked it. 

Thanks the mechanic was quite hard to code. I did ask some people for feedback about the hardness of it and some of them did say it was very hard so I tried to make it we easy but also hard at the same time

Thank you! I spent some time scraping though the internet finding them :D

Oh that's amazing! Again thank you for playing. I will hopefully be updating this in the future.

Thank you! I legit uploaded this 15 minutes ago and you've somehow seen it!

Would Like to see a part 2 on this!

is it possible if you could add some houses and stuff like that <3

can u send a photo of everything thats included so i know what im buyying please

what game engine is this?


and what are the size of tiles?


what do you use to make pixel art and how long did it take you to learn it?

Can i have a photo of the tile sheet becuase the photos dont help me and it cost a lot of money so i need to know if i should or not

I have finished it and it is one of my fav games on that I have played

why cant you download this

How to let my people sleep? Because it wont let me