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I went to check for updates but I couldn't get this one

The first person I killed was this little girl who stole from me she was the first person in the line on my first day

Sometimes I step on thorny vines and I'm fine sometimes I die. What's this about?

It's okay but it definetely needs some music or sounds something to make it so your not wandering in a blank space. It's hard to find the heroes too so that maybe something to think about because I spent two floors just wandering around without seeing one of them.

The characters in this game are so fun to create and I've even chiseled out a core team I like to use I've got a crow-winged rogue with a crystal eye, a mystic with an elm soul and a wolf-faced warrior. The augmentations which physical change the characters are maybe my favorite thing about this game.

Such a cute game but it does seem to hit a snag, at least for me, when I try to craft a lot of things the people just sort of ignore the request and wander around. I also had some trouble with getting walls, ladders and beams to work and the demolish button only wants to work occasionally. It's still really a nice game and I'll play for a few minutes to just be elsewhere for a few minutes.

Great game! Would like if you could just use arrow keys or A and D to just control your character instead of using the mouse though.

Not sure where you were trying to go with this but the time it takes to just get your character across a small space is just unbelievably dull. I also cannot tell where anything is and just feel like I have to keep trying to harvest every step which already takes a considerable amount of time. I do like the idea of making multiple camps slowly moving across the island until you've explored it completely.

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Update came out and I got back on but its still crashing quite a bit. I was able to get past this one battle that just killed the game every time though so that's a plus! Finished the chapter and I've got my legacy going! Really excited to keep going just hope the crashes get even less frequent. I've not gotten far enough to see if this is a thing but I know we're able to rename our weapons and give it a description but it's disheartening to think that at the end of the game it is all deleted. If there was a way to make it so our new characters could randomly find old gear that'd be cool. You could make this legendary blade that had slayed various enemies which was used by several great heroes in the history of this place.

I went ahead and got the files ready just wanted to be sure I actually contacted you before I sent your files to someone by accident, it wouldn't be the first time I've done that.

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I had just gotten my third character going when the game blacked out on me! I'm so upset I can't get it to go again! What I did play though was great I was completely in the game I didn't even realize I was late for my class...