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Eatvolve is a playful eat-em-up evolution game. · By papadar

Some praise and some questions

A topic by SaruCharmed created Oct 16, 2018 Views: 170 Replies: 9
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Hey there! I played the demo yesterday and liked it so much I bought the game. $3 is a very fair price.  I'm very excited to see what will be added to the game later. However, I do have a few questions and sorry if it's a lot, but I'll put them in order of importance.

1. I was wondering if there was anywhere I could find tips on how to progress further. I saw an article saying that if you breed with enough creatures you'll be able to change what creature you start out as. How do you do that? Does it also start you at a different location? 

2. Also, I was wondering if the levels were randomly generated or if you had a few set ones that the game chooses from? Because it seems like I get the same ones sometimes. 

3. There's one for example where the starting area is enclosed and it seems like I'm stuck in there no matter what I do because the creatures necessary to escape from that spot aren't in there or reachable, and so all I can do is eat the creatures that are in there until nothing is left and then starve to death.

4. I also saw on the main page for this game that the demo only has the dirt and rock areas. Is that only referring to the biome or are there whole other worlds to explore?

5. I've also seen some people on Youtube play this last year and eating two butterflies made you able to triple jump? However, I can only double jump regardless. Is this something you took out because you felt it gave too much of an advantage?

6. Does eating fruits/vegetables have any purpose other than to change your color and fill your stomach, or will it in the future?

I may not know most of the answers, but from what I can tell right now the purpose of fruits/veggies is only to fill your stomach and change color. As to whether it will have any other purpose in the future, that I don't know.


Thank you!
The breeding mechanic is being re-worked at the moment, so it actually does nothing in game right now, 
I assemble levels out of large chunks that are made manually,  so its semi - random
i'm sorry about the bad starting area! I've still got some work to do to make sure this cannot happen
demo now actually is the full game just with a life time limit, i'll update the page!
yes triple jump was a bit too strong i think, as it let you shortcut a lot of other things, it may return for another wing type tho!
i'll be adding more effects from eating other stuff in future updates

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So in the future, we'll be able to do something that'll change our starting form again? I was really excited about that prospect.

Oh and one other suggestion. Right now, there's a button that allows you to "cheat" so to speak by pressing specific keys on the keyboard to add the power of a corresponding creature. However, every time you die, that's reset. So I have to keep turning it on if I want to keep using it. It'd be nice if it only reset every time you started the game up or turned it off manually rather than every time you die. 


Yep still planning to bring the starting form changes back after some re-work!
ah! you found the cheat key. I'm thinking maybe this will unlock after defeating the boss once? not sure though

Speaking of which, where is the boss creature?


boss is at the top of the tree! 

thank you

Sometimes I step on thorny vines and I'm fine sometimes I die. What's this about?


the glider gives thorn immunity, however some thorns are not spawning the correct collision.. its on my todo list to fix!