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The Daleks

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Can we get some sort of storage system for the wood and everything because it's really annoying to have random piles of wood and having to fend off seagulls every time you have some food.

When I switch to the one level only view, the hammocks from the above level still show up.

Do you got a video of them doing it?

This game is really great already just one thing that I'm not seeing anyone address down here and that's about scrap. There's almost nothing to use it for once you get started in the game. Once you make a tin can, a spear, and an axe, there's almost nothing else you can do with it. Sure you need to use it for pillars but the game spawns a lot of scrap so you have a lot of excess scrap with no use. I know you're thinking about implementing storage soon so maybe you're gonna have us use scrap to build that but you should either make scrap spawn less or give us some more stuff to use it for. Also, walls seem kinda pointless for protecting as they make it harder to attack the shark if it attacks your raft. Keep up the great work, looking forward for this game!

So I have some suggestions mainly adding more player support, this might be impossible but I know it would be really fun. Also, maybe you could add some weapons designed specifically for both players to benefit from. I would be really nice if you could add some other ultras for co-op only besides gun bond because most of the time, the player ultras are usually way better. Some new mutations for co-op would also be nice. That's all I got right now, thanks for reading this!