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This game was so much addicting! I am a big fan of survival games! however, it would be great if there is a guide (a panel on any part of the screen to be specific). By guide i mean that there must a guide that tells if my survivors are in well condition; if my raft is in good condition to produce new survivors (if it have enough space). Also, i suggest to make getting new survivors more acquirable (to be exact, why not make a button that only opens if and only if your survivors are in good condition). Also, i like the right click feature that rotates left and right but would it be great if you also make it go up and down to make the bottom floor accessible too? If you read this and make it this far i would like to thank you! Seriously thank you for making this great game! Hope multiplayer (co-op or pvp) would be a thing too!

Sincerely yours,


[1] The developers have said that they plan to change the breeding system as the current one is temporary. But i agree that some general information would be an interesting idea.

[2] I like the idea of choosing whether my survivors breed or not. 

[3] Right now the camera controls are WASD to more around and the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out. 

You can press "tab' to focus on different floors

Press F10 to switch floor view mode. 

There are four modes: 

  • Show all floors
  • Show current floor only
  • Show higher floors(including current floor)
  •  Show lower floors(including current floor).

The developers and also working on camera angles, They mentioned that they will try out a 3D camera version and see if it works.

[4] PVP or Coop sounds interesting and the idea has reached the developers already. Im not sure how easy or practical it would be to implement that tho. But for now I think they are working on core features first.


It is necessary to defense unknown survivors' attack driven by AI before a multiplayer PVP mode.

Adding guide system to game is an significant job. 

One or two months have been reserved for us to fully develop an easy-to-use guiding system before released.