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Thank you for the reply!

Looking forward to the update (^^)


In the new update I really like it how you can see what's stored in the storage, but it seems like the people only want to put 1 specific thing inside  the storage (like just oranges or just fish) and once they decide to put that just 1 thing in the storage they don't want to put anything else in that storage even if the storage is empty. I had like oranges piled up on the rafts, even with empty storage and birds would come eat it (--;) It would be nice if I could store other things as well and more than 1 thing too (^^)

Thank you!

Hi, I love this game, so addicting (^^) 

But in the new update I feel that there is too many sharks and spend too much time trying to fight them back. Can you please decrease the amount of sharks?

And also maybe add like a stronger raft piece along with the raft piece which already exists? So like another type of raft piece which maybe needs like rope and more wood to make (basically harder to make), so we can make a outer barrier against the sharks...  Kind of like.... *Please excuse my horrible drawing*

if that makes any sense (--;) 

But overall I'm happy with the update. Thank you for the fun game (^^)

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Hi, just started the game, but I'm enjoying it (^^)

Just wanted to let you know that sometimes the people stop moving all of a sudden, get stuck on that spot and die of hunger (><)

It would help if there was a way to save game progress, so when the people kinda get stuck we can load a save and unstick? them.

I'm using the Windows 64 bit version. Please fix it when you have the time (*´꒳`*)

Thank you!