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1 can you add beetroot and a 10% chance of weeds to the farms

2 can you make a way to harvest from the farms without actually breaking them (like a level were there are no visible crops before one grows) and people (survivors) dedicated to farming those crops

3 can you add fish jumping out of the water on relatively rare occasion for effect

4 can you please add a meat cooking recipe

5 can you add a fix walls

6 I would like a fancy bed that is relatively expensive to make (to be fair) that reduces the amount of time one needs to sleep greatly

7 can you add other survivors in boats drifting about

8 an you add small boats that can be used for exploring

9 can you add a larger maximum view

10 can you add a way to research new items

11 can you add dyes for clothing

12 can you make survivors in water attract more sharks

13 can you make survivors in water be able to be pulled out

14 can you make a multiplayer mode were you can alliance or kill other players

15 can you add a new kind of fish supplies less food and dries faster and also seagulls wont touch

16 can you can you make anything on a drying rack appear there and take a little while to dry

17 can you make moss grow less

18 can you make drifting mechanics for the raft

19 can you make it so (if you make boats) you can take them far away and start a new entire area

20 can you assassin individual beds and food to different people

21 can you give people professions which you can change later on (e.g. farmer, hunter, fisher, moss scraper) also can they have more than one smaller profession at a time