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If you are using a mac(unless windows has this too) go to Finder and go to downloads. Find Niva and right click it. There should be an option to open. If you don't have finder go to downloads or wherever you saved Niva to and try to right click.

If this doesn't  work I'm sorry. I'm no expert. This is just what i would try.

  •  Right clicking on item piles and being able to move them manually or having the people move them(i have lemons&wood everywhere with lots of free storage)
  • Maybe some kind of spray or waterer to prevent moss growth for X amount of days.
  • Camera control where you can get angles as if you were higher up or lower down(hope that makes sense)
  • Easier/less difficult birth methods(?)

Other than these I believe this game is fun and well made; good luck and keep up the good work. (One more quick thing, could you please add an update for the mac 馃槉? Thank you.)