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I love playing this game but i have a few suggestions that I think would make it better.

1.  Make something to store wood.

2. Big storage box should store other things like feathers, cloth, bones and so on.

It gets a but annoying seeing all your items on the ground instead of inside containers. So a way to store every Item would be nice.

3. Make the ladder and pillar be able to hold 9 rafts on the second floor. That way making a second floor makes more sense.

4. Be able to build on the same raft as a pillar. Right now if you make a pillar you cant use the same raft again.

5. I dont know if its a bug or not but when i make weapons or clothes they disappear after a while.


So many valuable suggestions! Thanks for your feedbacks.

1 & 2. New gameplays about store your item is under development, which will differ much from current one. And hopefully, it could make things better.

3 & 4. In delveloping version, ladder and pillar hold 9 rafts already. And while we play and test, it is more reasonable for a pillar to make the raft below hold no other things.

5. Weapons and clothes disappear after a while because of their durability, which is a temporary design, also under redesigned.

Thank you for your reply. Glad to know you are looking at everything :)

If you need help testing the game I am willing to help.

Great!  We'll need a lot of testing later and we're looking forward to your feedback.