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Was playing on hardcore and I noticed several things.

1. I think there should be a way to stop moss from growing. I made one walk ways but moss always grows on it and it gets annoying.

2. Moss spawning should be lowered. In the image below I just finished harvesting the entire left area of crop and before i was even finished moss grew.

3. Should be able to repair walls 

4. I think that right now the regular walls are too strong. Maybe decrease their health by like 33% or something.

5. After a certain number of villages, they start taking longer to do tasks and want food and water more often.

6. Maybe a top view. if possible

7. Be able to zoom out more

Sorry for all the suggestions. I know you already have a lot to do but I love this game.

We're glad you like our game and thanks for the feed backs!

1 &2 :Moss were annoying in the current version. We plan to tone down the spawning rate and design more type of attachments.

3 & 4: Indeed, we'll add it to the dev plan.

5: It might be a bug, we'll look into it.

6 & 7: We'll try out a 3D camera version and see if it works.