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I have an idea, mmm why not put a trading system, that when fishing find chests, coins, treasures, things etc, that can be used to implement the raft or to exchange it with another shipwrecked merchant.

and I also want to say, that I speak Spanish, so it would be good if the game could also be in Spanish (the second most spoken language in the world), with pleasure I can help you translate, well it's just my opinion.

I hope my idea is helpful, greetings :)

Thanks for your feed back!

The trading system is under development. (You can check it out in our trailer). And fishing chest is a good idea, we'll add it to our to do list.

As for translation, we're glad you want to help and we'll contact you when localization feature is stable. Currently, some localization work has been done but we're trying to make the process more friendly.

Again, thanks for your support! :D

Hi! Dear jesusito8991,

we've finish Pre-alpha version of Last Wood. And if you would like to help us with Spanish translation, send us an email at 

So we can send you a pre-alpha key and our Discord channel.

:D Wait for your reply.