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A member registered Aug 22, 2017

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Hey guys ! 

I've become addicted to this little game of yours :)

I'd love to see a different variety of starting rafts for difficulty purposes. Smaller the starting area the harder. Potentially medium and larger sized ones could start off with some lemons. Also the frequency between attacks from our two lovely little friends in the sea and sky could be reduced for easier levels. Even having multiple for harder levels. 

I think having a quick bar for controlling the people would be a nice idea too. I see in the bugs thread there's a few comments on wanting the ability to select a survivor. As we can have more than two people later on in the game using 1-9 for this could be helpful. 

All in all I'm just so keen and excited to see how this game turns out. I've got the page pinned so every time I open my web browser I can check for updates !

So... Anyone know a server I can play on?