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i don't know if it's the new update or if it's a glitch... but 6 sharks and 3 (was 4) gulls is waaay too much.. every second was spent fighting them off.. i love this game but.. it's just gotten abit too hard for me... maybe tone it down a bit please? add optional difficulty levels?

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I'd like to see 3 difficulty levels. 
Easy (beginner) / Name it "Romance" or "Boy Scout"

  • No sharks
  • Easier to kill seagulls
  • Takes longer to get hungry/thirsty etc. Easier recovery.
  • More resources.
  • Pleasant weather conditions

Medium (Proficient) / Name it "Original Last Wood" or "Adventure"

  • Up-to 4 sharks at a time
  • Normal rates of hunger/thirst/recovery/etc
  • Pretty much the way the game is now.

Hard (Advanced Level / Name it "Tropical Storm"

  • Severe weather conditions.
  • Harder to kill seagulls
  • Aggressive sharks

We intended to add 'storyteller'-like user-editable mode in the next updates.

According to my personal experience, 9 pieces of rafts are enough to feed 2 survivors well.

In addition, building stairs and rafts overhead will not attract more sharks.

And sorry for over-tuned difficulty of this version :<