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Hi, this is not a help, but an opinion first of all, well what
 I wanted to say is that I downloaded several games from this 
page, it has very good games, I do not know why so many people 
do not play it, they may be simple but They are hilarious and 
very cool, thanks
thank you for responding and continue to thrive with your game, 
very good for sure, thanks for your attention and goodbye, it 
would be okay if they could put a multiplayer or something like 
that to play with friends, because I have recommended the game 
to several friends, and that could translate into Spanish or other 
languages the game: D
Thank you for you atention :v
again sorry for the spelling mistakes but I do not know much english
Hi, first I want to tell you that your game is very good,
and that takes away many hours of boredom, well; the suggestion
 is to add more characters, for example, between the 2
 have a child and so, also put a tutorial for the new and state the basics, because I kill myself trying to find out how to draw water, it would also be good to put a "peaceful"
 For those who do not like difficulty, talking about this; I believe
 I'm not the only one who wanted more options on the difficulty,
 I will explain; peaceful, easy, normal and difficult, that's all and hopefully your game grows fast, the truth despite being Simple, eliminates many hours of boredom, in my case; Many thanks and bye
Sorry for misspellings, but I speak Spanish and I used the translator