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Do you mean the message "Can't perform the action while another item is being used"?

It means you started using a tool/option but have not finished that task yet, iirc.  Since it could be pretty much any of the task the you started and left in the middle, I can't really help you figure out which one it might be, as there are too many of them.

You could just back track to verify in case you left anything incomplete. In the worst case scenario, I guess you'll have to restart the game.

Well, pissing PIA off is probably not the wisest decision.

Thanks for your feedback! Really appreciate it.
I am even considering of creating a new version of this game in the future, thanks to feedbacks like this.

Request sent.

I haven't gotten around to it. As stated in another comment, I am caught up in some other project, and hence the future of this one is uncertain. Also, I need a JS programmer to help me out with this one.

I developed the game a long time ago so don't remember everything. To be honest, I can't even remember what allows us to reach that path in the game.

But PIA was suppose to be like a little rogue and immature AI. So, just like a kid, it can not handle the fact that you hate "her".

Hope you liked the game. Rating it would really help it reach other people.

I am neither the dev not have I played this game, however I felt you review is great. Something the dev might find really helpful. Great job!

Thanks, glad you liked it!

Lol, I didn't remember that's what it was called.

**Ahh!!! Spoilers!!!**

Thanks a lot! I just noticed that I have not updated it to include

I don't understand what you mean by "Bug Injection"?

It a reference to something that you might understand if you are aware of some of the recent practices in the gaming industry.

Could you tell the steps to reproduce this error? This should not happen.

I am aware. However I am currently busy with other projects. I might visit this project again in the future and implement save then.

Yes, idling on an insecure system is risky.

Honestly, the game is short enough that you don't need to idle at all, if you invest wisely.

Hope you enjoyed it though.

Yes, that's a nice idea. I have looked into that before, and I am aware that it's easily editable. However I am not very concerned about that since cheaters can always find a way to cheat. They can even inject some JS snippets if they want to cheat.

Anyway, the concern is that the data is not centralized in any singular location, and rewriting the code will be quite time consuming. I am currently focusing on my other project so don't have much time to complete it atm. I might come back after I finish the other project (which is going to take a lot of time). There are a lot of ideas too that never got implemented, so I'd like to implement them as well when I return to work on BTC King.

Thanks a lot for your suggestion. I really appreciate it. Also, if you wish to give it a shot (I too am not a JS developer, but did come this far), I say you should go ahead and do that.

Thanks a lot for those kind words. I really appreciate it.

The game dev was rushed and changed a lot during it's the one/two month game jam. So, there's some inconsistency, and a lot of hidden/lost story lines in the original code too. 

My plan was to have PIA be a real AI, and allow users to actually really talk to it/her. But it proved too big for a short game jam, and way over my skills.

Maybe I'll continue it, or remake it in Unity someday, but after my current project.

Once again, I am really glad you liked it. Thanks a lot!

Yes, I understand. Several updates including save feature were planned, but I ended up getting so involved in my other project that I decided to drop it. Also, this game is made in JS and I don't know really JS, so even if I do resume working on it I'll probably need to find a JS developer first.

If I find enough people playing it, I might make some time and at least implement the save feature.

Thanks a lot for your feedback.

I am not sure exactly which PIA's dialogue you are referring to, but yes, that's how it should be. You replied with "yes", thus stating that you hate PIA. So, PIA, in a fit of anger, deletes everything, and you lose the game.

Maybe you should try again and answer differently this time.

Oh, and just a heads up. Your game progress is not saved, so once you close your browser, you lose all progress. It was an planned feature, but I have abandoned/stalled the project. I don't know if I will ever pick it up again.


Sent a request from aklgupta#4723

Hi Pate,

I have a team of 7 working on a sad tragic story driven 2D game being developer in Unity, called "Chalk Stories - Lonely Oni". We could use another artist and I think your art is quite good in that regards.

You can find some art examples, and other details here:

It is an unpaid/rev-share position. If interested, please contact me on  Discord: aklgupta#4723

We are a team of 7 looking for a Unity programmer/developer to join us to work on a sad tragic story driven 2D game project called "Chalk Stories - Lonely Oni". It is an unpaid/rev-share position.

You can find more about the project here: (a bit outdated)

If you are interested, feel free to reach me on Discord (aklgupta#4723, preferable), reddit (/u/aklgupta) or twitter (@aklgupta).


We are a team of 6 looking for an artist to join us to work on a sad tragic story driven 2D game project called "Chalk Stories - Lonely Oni". It is an unpaid/rev-share position.

You can find more about the project (and art) here: (a bit outdated)

Btw, I went through your portfolio. It's really good, and was glad to see Inkscape there. Anyway, as I noticed a lot of character designs there, I wanted to ask how comfortable are you drawing sprite sheets for characters and/or creatures?

If you are interested, feel free to reach me on Discord (aklgupta#4723, preferable), reddit (/u/aklgupta) or twitter (@aklgupta).


We are a team of 6 looking for an artist to join us to work on a sad tragic story driven 2D game project called "Chalk Stories - Lonely Oni". It is an unpaid/rev-share position.

You can find more about the project (and art) here: (a bit outdated)

If you are interested, feel free to reach me on Discord (aklgupta#4723, preferable), reddit (/u/aklgupta) or twitter (@aklgupta).

Hi Léo,

Sent you an request on Discord from aklgupta#4723.

Ran into the same error with v0.13. This time I was able to talk to Sven initially. However, as soon I completed his quest (the one where we need to get 50 stones for the forge), and went back to speak to him, the error re-appeared. Can't talk to any of the NPCs.

(1 edit)

Read your message after posting this.

The updated version doesn't allow me to load my saved game!

Update: I was wrong about one thing. When trying to dialogue with NPCs other than Sven, it's not always the player/MC reporting the issue. I am not sure how accurate this is, but I noticed whenever I try to initiate the dialogue from the counter, the NPCs avatar shows up and reports the issue, but whenever I reach behind the counter to get closer to them (I almost always do that to make it easier to trigger the dialogue), then it is always the player that reports the bug. It could just be a coincident though.

It could be some specific series of events that cause this issue, which might explain why I am the only one running into this issue, though it's hard to imagine what can cause such a bug only when performing some specific sequence of events. If you want, I can share my save game. Just lemme know f you want it.

I suppose its possible that the dialogue entries are getting corrupted.

I believe so too. Else other NPCs should still be able to talk to. Also, the weird thing that with all NPCs it the player informing about the error, but only with Sven it's him who informs about the error. And it was the first time I tried talking to Sven when the issue was first triggered.

Maybe, you can do a quick search to all the references to the keys, and see if they are being edited anywhere where they shouldn't be. Or, maybe these "conditions" that you are using to generate the keys could be the issue. Is gold amount, or resources/inventory, or open quest being used to generate the key?

With any luck I can patch the issue without you losing your save.

That would be awesome. I hardly get anytime to play (life of an Indie game developer, guess you might know), so I'd hate having to restart from scratch and pray that I don't run into the issue again.

Using these values the game checks all the dialogue keys related to that NPC and pulls keys from the list based on the state of the previously mentioned variables. For instance it only pulls keys with the word “Rain” in it when it is raining. Once it has a list of keys it picks one at random and grabs the associated dialogue.

I have a similar system. I as thinking of showcasing it this Saturday on twitter for #screenshotsaturday, but I guess I can show you in advance (check your Twitter in some time). It too takes a lot of variables into account to see which dialogues are possible at the moment. 

The fact that you are getting that message literally every time you talk to anyone would mean that every key in the game has been tampered with or maybe the key data is just gone entirely, but I can’t think of anything that would do that. Like I said before its pretty much set it and forget it.

or, the key is being generated incorrectly for a particular variable/scenario, which is constant, at least for the time being, like perks, gold amount, tool proficiency, etc.

Hope 0.13 fixes the issue. Look forward to it.

Downloaded a fresh copy of the v0.12 today.

Could it be that once this error is triggered, it somehow is corrupting all dialogues? Maybe it is disabling all dialogues?

Sorry if I am meddling, but as a developer myself, I'd suggest to look for alternatives to any text based keys, if possible. I have no experience with or any idea about construct, but I am quite sure there must be a way. I recently developed a dialogue system for my new project as well, so I understand that it can be a bit challenging and time consuming, but it will be worth it, saving you from a lot of possible headache.

Every time I try talking to any NPC. I can not talk to any NPC.

Also, I noticed something. When talking to Sven, it is Sven who says these set of dialogues, but when talking to other NPCs, it's the player who says "Oops, you've encounters a bug...", if that means anything.

This bug first appeared when I tried talking to Sven for the first time. By then I already had the Forge quest for Sven, and a few others, in case they are the trigger.

(1 edit)

I am unable to progress any further. Talking to any NPC is resulting in the same error. I am playing Verdant Village V0.12 Windows.

I am getting this bug repeatedly. It asked me to report the bug, so here you go.

The dialogue text is often displayed in place of the character name, and whenever this happens, the text gets cut off after a few character, making it difficult to understand what is being said.

Nice, simple and beautiful.

Nice game!! My highest is just 55!

Love it! It's really fun and engaging.

Just a few issues:

  • Lack of any kind of instructions/tutorial made it a bit difficult to understand initially
  • Controls are a bit wacky. It is often difficult to navigate properly. And the rotating up/down is inverted while rotating left/right isn't. It should be consistent.
  • Exiting the level didn't save my progress. A real shame, I wanted to try the 2nd one but couldn't. So, instead played the random one instead.
  • In random, there are a few tiles were it is impossible to get water to. And they are large enough to feel like wasted area.

Overall, love the game.

As of now the autosave are incremental. This will lead to huge disk usage.
Instead, I'd recommend to limit the max no. of autosave files to say 10. This was the player will have enough flexibility without taking too much space.
Manual saves can, and probably should be, unlimited.

If you remove the upper floor rafts and they had resources on them, the resources will stay afloat in the air.

Playing v0.4.2. Loved the game so far. However, I found several issue. I'll try list as many as I can recall:

  • I have been unable to repair some of the rafts floor. I think it occurs when I select to repair them while they are still under attack by the sharks
  • You can click on the sharks, resulting in a crosshair mark on them, but nothing happens
  • Walls and other structures are a bit difficult to see through. Maybe they should be shorter, or turn translucent when there is something behind them
  • There is no instructions on how to use some of the object, or what purpose they serve (like in work bench). Also, object have no stats
  • The screen is not scales properly, running at 1920x1080. The top few pixels are cut off as I see cut-off text. Could be the same on the other 3 borders
  • I have bow & arrows, yet the humans never attack the sharks with them
  • Sometimes the survivors are hungry even when there is a lot of food
  • There is no information about what is costs to repair, if it does
  • There is no information about what is we can salvage when demolishing, if there is such a system
  • Might be just me, but sometimes selecting the correct floor tile is difficult
  • I think on of my survivor disappeared mid game. I know humans can fall off if the floor on which they are collapses. Is there any other way they can die without me knowing? (I had tons of food & water)
  • There is always a "water" icon on the water filer. What is it? How do I use it? I have a bucket, but it is always just lying on the floor.


  • Make the humans sleep less
  • Some info about how to use certain objects
  • The shark attacks a bit too abrupt. They sometimes attack in too huge a number, more than 2x the no. of survivors I have.
  • Probably make some things/tiles move able. Like "Mat" and your pile of resources. Just maybe!