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I already requested 2 times the verification email to be sent, and I haven't received it. I have a hotmail account and yes, I checked the spam folder. Sory if there was another topic with this same subject, but I couldn't search among more than 500 posts manually. If you want penalize me for that, no problem, go on.

So, here are my sugestions:
  • Allow us to turn off the music. 
  • Allow us to change the volume.
  • One theme for the day, another for the night (to break monotony).
  • Sound effects for bird attacks and for shark attacks.
  • Sound effects for actions (fight, sleep, cook, craft, chop trees, etc.)
  • Allow us to change the volume of this also.
  • Allow us to choose what to keep inside each storage.
  • Show the capacity (e.g. 5/9 if you have 5 objects and can put another 4).
  • I love the poligonal style and the colors, however there should be a solution for a better visualization of the stairs. 
  • As I'm building a thin tower (4 or 5 levels over a 18 raft floor), I'm not having to much problems. But if I'd like to expand a bit more on the horizontal, many things inside the building would become visual inaccessible.
  • Even if you put some kind of transparence, it may become a bit visually tiring if we have 9 floors so soon in the game. As I said, I've only 3 survivors and I'm already at the 4th level of my building.
  • My sugestion here is: allow us to grow more horizontally by decreasing the number of sharks per raft.
  • It is just too intense. With 3 survivors, every time I see an attack coming, I pause the game, I rotate to the best angle to see it, I click to defend and I unpause. If I didn't do this way, I'd just lose too much. So, the attack frequency, mostly from birds is just too annoying. And I don't see the pausing habit as an ideal way of playing. It's unnatural.
  • But maybe with the option to empty boxes throwing things on the sea, with the fix for the materials that are still invisible, occupying boxes and rafts, and with the the difficulty level options, the issues 5 and 6 will be solved.
  • Mouse functions (click-select, zoom, rotate...) work fine. But I use a pen/tablet (Wacom) as my "mouse", every time, even for games, as mouses give me RSI (repetitive strain injury). And only the rotate function is not working with the pen/tablet. So, 'left-click' (desselect) is OK. But the 'left-click-drag' does nothing. My drive is up to date, and I play many different games with it. If you could take a look on this would be very kind.

Oh, yes... When you took a bit more time to answer, I imagined the reason :D

So... Amazing! I've watched some gameplays of the earlier versions and I've played myself with this last one. The development has been substancial: design, storetelling, tension points, management balance. Keep it up!

So, with the hability to throw things on water, I've stabilized with 3 survivors in a 18 horizontal rafts / 4 stairs building. And I can say I could survive forever with this config:

2 rain collectors (in different stairs to make access easier) and no water tank (as it needs to be beside the collector);
2 fishing rod (just in case 1 is destroyed, only 1 would be enough);
2 camp fire (needed);
1 workbench (rarely used);
1 meat rack (very useful);
2 hammocks (needed);
2 slots to plant trees;
1 to plant flax; and
a lot of storage ooxes and empty spaces to keep the more than 70 feathers.

I've build some boxes at the corner hoping they to lay feathers in, to let the sharks take it. I've got rid of around 20, but it's a painful process. It would be nice to just have a button to empty the box throwing things on the sea, maybe like the F9 command.

But my main question is:

Through all this I've got the 5 bones, letting survivors die and reproduce. I've then made the bow and the arrow at the workbench, hoping this would help me to expand, making the defense task easier. But nope. These objects just disapear and are not used, neither for sharks, nor for the birds. So what are the bow and arrow for? Are you still implementing it? Or there is any special way to use them?

Thank you for answering! It's because I was new to the site, and I came here writing everything in the same place. Then I saw that there were a place for sugestions, another one for questions hahaha. I'll post things there. Don't worry.

(1 edit)

The guys just stop with something in their hand and do nothing else. There is empty space for them to leave things. There are also empty stocks if they want to use them. There is also bed available if they want to lie down. There are tasks to do if they want to work. But they just stand waiting to die, holding something in their hand. I was with 3 survivors when this happened. I should have been there by the 100th day.

*** EDIT :
So, I just realize that this is do to some resources that remain invisible over the floor. All these 24 feathers they are actually occupying places here and there. I know this, because when I asked to build a 2nd hammock, the guy went to an "empty" slot to take the material. Then it's hard to manage our space if we can't see the things that are filling it.

In the image below you see that there is at least 2 "empty" spaces or 4 if you count the spaces the girls are standing on.

All 3 survivors stucked holding something in their hands.

All 3 survivors stucked holding something in their hands.
I would sugest you implement an option to throw things in the sea. It doesn't seems logic to be stucked just because of an excess of materials, when in real life even people were thrown to water if  there was not enough food.