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really like this game runs a treat and gun game play is fun for a time, however i would try to add things to this game to keep you on your toes events or " the losing side gains 50+ reinforcements". because i find it a bit slow and repetitive and something to make the game play change mid game. Though the new update looks to help with that.

Very very good update will be investing at lot more time building a awesome raft now!

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this game is really good, you can take this game really far. Storming of the beaches is awesome, the gun play though feels like playing multiplayer game with 100000 ping, its really hard to hit people. Overall the game is really good. 

Sometimes it looks like two sharks have spawned on top of each other

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This game is awesome i enjoy playing it. But! i feel it throws a lot at you way too fast, the people hunger and dehydrate way to quickly, if that was changed to be longer by a small bit, i might be able get up to making a rain collector, 6 out of 10 my guys die or the game becomes impossible because i run out of wood trying to work out all my priorities, before i get there. Plus the sharks and birds.

I love this game, has a nice simple story and fun and interesting game play. Final boss was good fun. When i left the graveyard and it said that was all, i thought no it cant end now. Would love to see more.


Then what is the spiky pillar on the right corner of the top picture on the page? Just wondering, don't really matter.

Please keep this game free if and when it is available on steam, i don't mind i would buy it.

Were is the Trap in the picture at the top this page on the right? cant find it in the trap list.

That's were i think the gates would be fun, break down the gates or just go through them to get into the castle. just an idea

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Can you make a button that turns destructible buildings off, then you can have sieges were the AI don't make there own paths or just to help performance. that would be nice.

A med pack would be nice i think.

Campain is a cool idea i just think it needs something more to it...

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not really like that, just like moving the camera left and right but being able to see up and down, not the aim to throw button if that is what you meant. in third person i mean.

Would like to be able to move the camera freely so you can look up at the buildings and see the rain of arrows about to slaughter your team, it is kind of annoying to have the camera fixed like that.

small city map with high rise building that you can go into and lots of tight spaces, i think that would be loads of fun

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Would love singleplayer, like what someone down below said with bots. just for us guys with bad internet or none at all, also would love mac compatibility.

I like the revolver idea, and the knife, it would be great to have a knife for when you run out of bullets and that happens a lot.

A type of armor would be great, something to protect you from those snipers.