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Hey again are there any plans to continue theis game or is it a cancelled project now

Hey guys any updates on development of this game

Absolutely I found it very enjoyable and a nice puzzle

So I’m really hoping you choose to develop further also the atmosphere of the game is spot on

Just beat your game was very enjoyable however i would love more content cause three levels just wasnt quite satisfying enough, and if you do continue i highly suggest adding more slots to the crafting system, 4 ingredient potions opens up many new puzzles

I just did the recording and im sorry the timer is 39 seconds exact every customer ican send the save file and the video if you would like

let me know if that would be useful cause I love this game and want to see it perfect

thanks for the input sad to say I'm gonna have to restart and darn I was 50g from tin tools but yeah I'll try again before restart and record it then possibly set aside my save file for you guys if you want to examine why it happened further

Recent development i am currently at say twelve and for some reason every single customer i get has a less than 30 second time limit on thier order and it becomes next to impossible without perfect movements to get them the item before the walk away, currently have a two handed axe and 2 greatswords plus a one hand hammer that all consecutively failed and only one customer said they were in a rush usually getting them thier item with about 2 secondsish left but not getting it far enough across the counter before they leave, is this difficulty spike intended or is this a bug

In regards to mining i think because of the mandatory tool equivalency setup you have you should make it so that even if a resource isnt mined it resets after say i dont know 3 days instead of the normal respawn rate of one day, solves the issue of running out of minable veins but doesnt allow you to just wait it out everyday till you get the ore you want for the earlier players cause I believe I got 3 days of mining or 3 mining trips with 2-3 nodes before being locked out of the ability to mine ore by it all becoming tin and iron

This and how do I fix it

Cart freaked out on fence and reset itself oreintied to the horse offset
Any ideas on how to remedy this without restarting my save cause it causes several issues but it's saved as the current normal when I close and reopen the game

what is the 4th equipment slot for 

Also please increase the light provided by the lantern as brining it into the cave at normal gamma offers next to no light

From what ive noticed it seems like the sharks got ramped up just a bit too much in spawn rate so my only suggestion so far is to lessen that just slightly

Dust Rush community · Created a new topic Found a bug

If you send workers to collect dust then after a little bit tell them to move to underneath main base your dust number shoots through the roof and you win almost insantly

Denki Im really curious Cause its nigh impossible to transfer saves from pre 8 to 9 on cause sheep aren't in the save file, will you ever add some form of update agent that allows us to not have to redownload the game every week to access new content