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Recent development i am currently at say twelve and for some reason every single customer i get has a less than 30 second time limit on thier order and it becomes next to impossible without perfect movements to get them the item before the walk away, currently have a two handed axe and 2 greatswords plus a one hand hammer that all consecutively failed and only one customer said they were in a rush usually getting them thier item with about 2 secondsish left but not getting it far enough across the counter before they leave, is this difficulty spike intended or is this a bug

at day 12 and its that short???!

Man I've never had that happen. I'd recommend restarting though if that's the case.

No. The difficulty spike wasn't intended but that is the way it is currently. I imagine the difference in times is both intended for earlier days and difficulty modes, but the sensitivity isn't set right, or something like that.

like I said, I've never seen such short times nor before at least a couple weeks in and it does seem like two weeks or so is usually when it starts decreasing more rapidly, but I've been outwards of like.. 80days and more and not seen 30... or maybe I just didn't pay attention.... hmm...

Anyway. I recommend setting up shop before opening if you're planning to continue in that state - make Tool heads and set them near the counter, and keep handles near the workbench - Keep them on the shelf below, floor below, the three cubbies on the backboard of the bench, or the shelf above. This keeps em close but not combinable so you can make sure the right grip is used.

Plus if the grip goes on last, you can continue holding the item, so you don't need to regrab the handle when its combined.

Then you can turn and hand it to them (carefully as to not blast apart your shop in the process)

Additionally. - I'm recommending tool heads and not completed tools because there's a bug (two) which breaks completed tools after reload, and sometimes even just during session. - and if they're built wrong its more of a hassle to clean them up (example: Customer orders a polearm - but you only have a greatsword on hand, completed) -> ( if you had a large blade instead of a greatsword - you could attach the large blade to a polegrip (with or without guard) and make a polearm - and complete the order in a short timeframe) -> (But If you have a greatsword, (and cannot afford to make the polearm any other way) you would have to take the greatsword and disassemble it at the anvil, then reassemble it at the bench which would take a lot more time (or you could just give up, you have a great sword, go away non-greatsword purchase))

and the other bug that having completed items does is if you have multiple Metals of the same type of weapon (Copper Greatsword and Steel Greatsword, for example) and the Customer wants a Iron Greatsword - You have to assemble or forge one, but when you hand it to the customer they won't accept it - because They're locked attempting to accept the Greatsword you had near them to begin - its because of something in the code that does it - and to fix it, you either A) can't have any item completely assembled or b) have to remove the other items from the vicinity that the customer an "detect"

thanks for the input sad to say I'm gonna have to restart and darn I was 50g from tin tools but yeah I'll try again before restart and record it then possibly set aside my save file for you guys if you want to examine why it happened further