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In regards to mining i think because of the mandatory tool equivalency setup you have you should make it so that even if a resource isnt mined it resets after say i dont know 3 days instead of the normal respawn rate of one day, solves the issue of running out of minable veins but doesnt allow you to just wait it out everyday till you get the ore you want for the earlier players cause I believe I got 3 days of mining or 3 mining trips with 2-3 nodes before being locked out of the ability to mine ore by it all becoming tin and iron

Hey Whitecoat,

Appreciate the suggestions. I will take it into consideration.

until a change is made though - You can save and reload  - when you reload the nodes are all repopulated from scratch, if I recall correctly.

Just keep in mind that reloading should be kept to a day to day basis - If you randomly save mid-day and reload - your exhaustion time also resets., meaning you won't get tired at the same point of time as normal - which could impact operating hours of the shop - forcing you to be awake when no customer come, and be asleep at customer prime-time