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Hey SkareQrow,

Well the only consequence is you can't use those parts.

Hey Black Jackal,

For the next update, we've made some adjustments to the wait times for customers. Also, the other shop will be unlocked for purchase and will be better for players that want to stock up on larger number of items. Unfortunately, at the moment, I can only ask for your patience.

Posted in intelligence

Hey Leonx111,

At the moment, Intelligence only affects the stats on weapon heads. Unfortunately, this feature isn't fully implemented so don't put any points into it. It will be removed until the feature is complete.

Hey GardenAngel,

You don't need permission to make a video of you playing this game :)

Have fun!!

Hey iAmMok,

Ya next public update will be spring.

Awesome. Thank you!!

Replied to Diamorr in Bug Reports

No problem.

Replied to Kurzidan in Bug Reports

Glad you mentioned that. Those customers that ask for a more specific request are considered "Special Customers". What they are asking for needs to be met. You can't give them anything higher or lower or something that is similar. Needs to be exact
Ya shields will get another check on its functions to make sure it's working properly. 

If you can't via Patreon then through Itch.io is fine as well. Thank you!

Thanx Shadowhunter512512,

Will look into why that is happening.

Replied to Diamorr in Bug Reports
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Hey Diamorr,

Thanx for the bug report. Will look into the missing walls and floor issues.
The reason that is happening, with the trees, is because most likely "View Depth of Field" is turned on in your graphic settings. Turning that off should eliminate that problem.

Replied to mamaminha in Bug Reports

Hey mamaminha,

For this version, you'll need to restart the game to fix this issue. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Replied to Geledin in Bug Reports

Hey Geledin,

1. Implementation isnt finished for the minigame. It was more as a proof of concept. Further iterations of it will be done further in the year.

2. That might not be the game and might be a graphics card issue or monitor.

3. I don't think any graphics card to date uses Direct X 2.5 but in the event you are using a very old graphics card, you migh tnot be able to run this game as it requires Direct X 11 or more.  If you don't have the latest Direct X drivers then you might have problems running the game. But obviously, that isn't your issue. If you are having trouble with Direct X installation or updates, you should probably contact Microsoft or go over to their forums and ask for help as I unfortunately do not have the knowledge or qualifications to help you. :)

Replied to Geledin in Bug Reports

Right now, the implementation isn't complete so you won't see much result.

Replied to GrimaIkin in Bug Reports

Thanx Grimalkin for the bug report

Replied to lolmanle in Bug Reports

Thanx Lolmanle.

Will look into that.

Replied to Krtek in Bug Reports

Also you can't give higher or better tier items to customers that ask for a lower tier item. So if the customer asks for Copper, you can't give them Tin. However, if they ask for Tin, you can give them a Copper item but not Iron as it is better then Tin. Etc..

Created a new topic User Survey

Hey Blacksmith,

We need your help!! 

If you have a few minutes, the team would like you to fill out this survey. This will help us to understand our audience and make better decisions.

Thank you!!


Hey Kurzidan, when you get a chance, send me an email.


You can also press 4 to put it away. To bring it back, press 4 again. 

Hey Kurzidan,

The Incinerator will be moveable.

hey Arca

The crystals in the future will respawn but since they are not essential at the moment they don't.

No problem!

Replied to Kurzidan in Bug Reports

Thanx Kurzidan, 

We'll fix the issue. 

Replied to Arretey in Bug Reports

Hey Arretey

Thanx for the bug report. These are weird issues. 

Haha!! That looks really cool. 

Hey NicholasRC7,

I'll see what I can do.

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Hey Agatheist,

Sorry about that, it was a bug we missed. Zinc is only used in synthesizing ores to alloys. 

If you get any customers asking for zinc, just send them away as they have no idea what they want. :p

Hey Kurzidan, 

Ya the dark crystal has been moved. It's a little harder to find and requires some work. It is tied to a place where a sword must rest.

Replied to Brinelex in Bug Reports

Hey Brineless, 

Will have to look into why arrow keys are not bindable.

Hey TheEnemyCube,

We are investigating this issue, thank you!

Replied to oblisk234 in Bug Reports

Hey Oblisk234,

Try rebinding your keys in the options menu.  Otherwise, not quite sure why you can't select it. What happens when you press the corresponding key for the axe? Also, are you able to switch to the other tools in your belt?

Replied to BioRage7 in Bug Reports

They haven't been deleted just moved to accommodate some of the changes to the map. 

Replied to Hettow in Suggestion Box

Hey Hettow,

I am working on getting "Geo" to purchase things from you as well.

Replied to Hettow in Suggestion Box

Hey Hettow,

In the future, I'm hoping to add a use for it.

Replied to Gokana in Suggestion Box

Try it again Gokana in the new update and something else happens. Ill let you figure it out.