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Posted in No Horse

Hey Pandory,

The horse has been removed for the moment. We're working to make it run better on everyone's computer.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hey Trihardermyguy,

Haha! It won't break the bank. I promise. I'm looking at $5-$10 on Steam. It may or may not increase. We'll see where things go during development and feedback from the community.

Thank you!

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If you're gonna try the weapon combination on the sword pedestal, one hint is that the material doesnt matter. Only the blade/guard/grip type. 

Cheers! :)

Created a new topic F.A.Q (0.0.9c)
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"Customer doesn't leave my shop after I sell them a shield"

- For the time being, just save and leave go to sandbox mode then return to clear them. We'll have a fix rolled out asap.

"Sleeping in Sandbox Mode caused me to lose all my progress"

- Just avoid using the bed in Sandbox mode. We're hoping to add multiple save points so problems like that doesn't happen in the future.

Replied to Razzer in Bug Reports

Thanx for posting your fix.

Posted in *Auto Run Bug*

Hey Guys, you can download a fix for this bug here


Hey ToxicWaffler,

Multiplayer is something I hope to do one day. Let's just say, it's one of my end goals.

No worries. Your belly is more important but thank you for the well wishes. 

All the best and thank you for your suggestion.

Hey bkbobbyjoe,

If I and the team manage to get a multiplayer version out in the near distant future, that is something that we will consider. I think it would be pretty cool to have some small ecosystem where players can help each other or compete against each others shops. We'll see.

In any case, thank you for your suggestions.

Hey TheBestGamerYT,

Thanx for your suggestions. I'll take them into consideration.

Hey KassyIsSassy,

The bug has been fixed and will be in the next release version. Thank you!

Hey KassyIsSassy,

At the moment cyrstal are not in their final state. They will serve a greater purpose in the future. 

Really appreciate your sugestion.

Hey SkyFireHD

Ya i believe in this version, if you get of your cart, you wont be able to pick up the boxes. What you need to do is just right click anywhere and that should fix that issue. 


The engine is packaged with SteamVr because it is the native plugins provided with Unreal Engine 4, however, unfortunately, it was causing some issues that was preventing me from packaging the game when disabled. So my recommendations would be to turn off steam or disable steam vr if possible so it doesnt run.

hey AndrewlsANick,

You can shove the duplicates in the furnace beside the house.

Posted in O M G

Hey aww

There is an issue in 0.0.82 with the doors not closing/opening. I would recommend a new game and being careful with the door until the new update.

Hey dongwon,

I'm sorry but i'm having trouble understanding your issue. 

You can only pick up a newer version of the tool you have equipped. So if you have a Copper PickAxe, you have to Equip a Tin or higher Pickaxe. 

If you have none then pressing "E" will pick up a tool. You can only equip a PickAxe, Axe or Hammer as tools. 



Let me know if this helped.

Hey thanx larsgalanti, 

Ya i could possibly add scythes in the future. 

Also 0.0.9 is not available to the public at this time. It will be soon.


Appreciate your suggestions. We're hoping to get an update too everyone VERY soon. No ETA as i dont want to build hype and if something goes wrong, have to push the date.

Hey spaceman140,

I am hoping to add more functionality like the ones you suggested but it does take time. 

Multiplayer is another beast on its own and unfortunately, I found out that if you don't build the game from the base up with multiplayer set up, it becomes very difficult to implement it later on. So what will happen is, I have to make a second game from scratch, rewriten from ground up with multiplayer code implemented.

Appreciate your suggestions though. Thank you!!

Replied to Tmirald in Suggestion Box

Hey Tmirald,

Hey Thanx!

I am hoping to implement grip and guard crafting.

Ya, I'd like to add the ability to customise your sleep length. I loved and appreciated how Bethesda games allowed you to choose your sleep length so i'll eventually add it as well. 

Hey elinocholson,

Thank you, glad you are enjoying the game!

It is repetitive. I initially didnt design the game to be more but since everyone is enjoying it so much, i've dedicated myself to making it better for everyone. So i'm doing my best, with the help of the volunteers, to add more things to the game but it does take time unfortunately. 

Hey antitouchable,

Maybe one day but I dont see that happening next year. Keep an eye out though, you never know. Anything is possible.

Hey andrewed08,

I don't get enough request for VR but i do want to implement it anyways one day but not anytime soon. Plus, I dont have a VR headset with touch controls.

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Hey Kodemunkey

In the future, I will look into adding an option to change the color of the crosshair.

We also did make the adjustments to how fast metal cools down in 0.0.9 builds.

Replied to Salvatol in Suggestion Box

Hey thanx for your suggestions Salvatol.