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Hey iTzAGuy,

Sandbox is disabled for the moment because of some technical issues we were unable to fix before bringing the public version live.

It is normal for SteamVr to open up. Currently there is no official support for VR.

Hey TimZ02,

Here is the solution.


Just in case, ill post the fix here.

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Hey Blacksmiths,

I would like to try and address some of the issues popping up with the new build. I would encourage anyone having issues to visit our discord community, where you can get live help with any of your issues. Now onto the FAQ.


Issue 1: Character stuck not moving at all when loading into a new game.

Solution 1: This solution was discovered by users on Discord. Delete your %localappdata% -> Shopsim -> saved files. The game now saves in your game folder but it seems  the game still has a reference to the old location. 

Solution 2: Disable Steam VR also seems to fix the issue with spawning in the ground.


Issue2: All my items are being duplicated.

Solution: We'll try to get a patch out asap. For the time being throw any excess in the furnace

Ah i see. I would seem that your characters are having trouble spawning into the world. I'll look for a solution. Thanx guys and I apologize for the trouble.

Hey Vampire2221,

Was there a loading screen with images before the issue happened?

Its not bad. One advice would be to place the character at the center of the screen. Times where Zambo's were jumping at me from the bottom of the screen and I couldn't click  on the bottom properly without my mouse falling off the screen.

I believe we have fixed that and should be reflected in the next update.

Hey A Carbon being,
The only weapons you can equip are the axe, hammer and pickaxe. They also must be of a higher quality than the one you have currently equipped. :D

There should be a lantern at the shop. Its possible it fell on the floor near the workbench.