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Hey MechanicalWorm,

I would like to avoid adding player combat to the game.  In the future , there will be NPC's that will engage in combat and you can support them by making weapons for them. Making the best weapons will guarantee their survival and potentially yours as well. 

Hey SmoothEgg23,

Not sure why that's happening but try using the App.

Hey gamerknight964,

The reason is turning it off causes some major issues with packaging the project so that you can play it. We will try again to remove it for the next update but no promises it will be gone. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Hey PROGamer3.0

If you are continuying your old game after updating it to the newest version, weird stuff happens, unfortunately, you'll have to start a new game.

Hey RookNastyGaming, 

We'll take a look at the tax issues and try to get a fix out.

Hey Hunter387,

Yes! Your progress will be lost  in the new update.

Hey thatkittenlover,

That is in the works :)

Thank you!

Hey MikeRuo

Looks like there was an issue with the uploading. Thank you for pointing the issue out. Will re-upload the correct version.

I would recommend checking the forums or getting in contact with itch customer support. 

Heya Kiddo,

Sorry to hear that. I'm not quite sure why you are getting this error. However, I would recommend you try downloading the game via the

which should circumvent this issue.

Sorry AcidGamer,

Horse is unobtainable in this version.

I understand now. 

I apologize for the inconvenience. 

I suppose the best approach until the next update is try not to make more shield boards then you need. So when you re-enter the game, they don't become useless. 

I'll be pushing out an update this month for everyone.

Hey Miss_Lana,

Thanx for the bug report.

You mention that "Pre-Logged" shields would not accept "Pre-Logged" components. Is that correct? So when you create your shield board and the components, putting them together doesn't work, but after loading your save game, all the shield parts are now able to connect to each other?

I believe these bugs are fixed in the later versions.

Hey Dreamstartv,

I am hoping sometime in the near future to have as many translation as possible. 

Hey Hunter387 

I'm looking into getting the next version out this month for everybody.

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Hey penguin66

How did you download the game? With your browser or the App?

If you downloaded via browser, you need to unzip your files and run the ShopSim.exe file

The app should be self explanatory. Once you download it, you just need to press play.

Hopefully that helps.

Sorry Mackimal,

That would be an issue you'll need to address to
Unfortunately, I don't have the knowledge to help you fix this issue.

Press and Hold the Alt Button, this will allow you to rotate items that you are holding.

No problem!

Hey SorpionX,

Assuming I understood, 0.1.0 will come out when its ready. 

For context, there are still a lot of bugs that are there and features that need polish. Unfortunately, I don't have people working on the game for 8 hours everyday. Hopefully one day! :) I do have my awesome volunteers who can only dedicate a few hours per week. The rest of the work falls on me.



Hey SDragonXxX,

You'll need to upgrade you smithing hammer by creating a new one with better materials and equip it by pressing "E". Customers will ask for weapons of the same material as your hammer and lower.

Hey SDragonXxX,

Sorry to give you a vague answer but the best answer I have for you is, when it's ready. 

Although, I will add, it should be considerably soon. We are trying to polish, kill bugs, and add features and unfortunately, all of those combined takes some time. 


Hey HypedMan,

I am looking at reworking some things and having a better mining experience.

I'm not sure if late night customer requests would make sense but I appreciate the suggestion anyways. 


Hey SDragonXxX,

Thank you fro your ideas. 
I do plan on adding armor, pets and mounts. Same for unique handles and guards. Currently, in the Patron version of the game, there is some customization options for placements of workstations, next I am working on players being able to craft shelves, tables, counters, etc.. Then finally I hope to allow players to build a new shop from scratch. 

I really like your idea of lantern fuel. I'll look into that one.

Thanx again.

Hey JustAFriendlyContributor,

Thank you for your contribution. We are planning on adding an assistant eventually. I actually want to do it now but that would just push the update to the public even further, so it will be in another update.

The game, as you are aware, isn't aiming for realism. 

My philosophy is, why escape reality to video games when only to live in the same reality.. again. Where do you escape to next? So, I do want to have some elements of "realism" but not too much. Very little as possible. This is more about having fun in the end. 

Thank you again.



You can rotate objects, which usually helps with getting objects unstuck. If you hold down your [  Alt  ] button, while holding the object, you should be able to rotate the object, this can help glitch the shield out of the table. Just keep trying until it works. 

Let me know if that helps.


Hey Edward Neave,

I believe that issue should be fixed in the newer versions. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Not to sound like a broken record. I understand things take time but I do have a payout that has been pending for 35 days. I did submit a ticket and never heard anything. Would be great if you can look into it and get me an approximation on when this will be completed.

Thank you!

Apparently, I just received this feature, but the feature is in beta and not available for all Patrons.

Lol love this game but would highly discourage anyone from doing this in real life :)

Hey Shadowblade4444,

If you head over to the discord server, you'll see it isn't dead.