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Replied to 360 in Suggestion Box

Hey 360,

Sorry for the inconvenience. I did lower the settings for players with lower specs.  However, I can't guarantee that it will run better on your computer. 

Hey Yuki To Ame,

I appreciate your suggestion. 

As Kurzidan mentioned, it is in the plan and some work has been done on it but I would like to fix all the issues currently with crafting weapons before working on Shields and Armor, which unfortunately require new code. I am really looking forward to working on shields and armor and finally getting it into your hands to enjoy, so it will come. :)

Hey MasonatorRoblox,

I added lanterns you can equip and hold in your left hand. However I like the idea of crafting a torch so I'll look into that as well.

Hey DwarvenGuardian,

I can most certainly look into adding 1 or 2 more save slots.

Thank you!!

Hey MasonatorRoblox


Hey o PazzuzU o,

I will one day, Steam is beautiful place but it's also a cold and harsh environment and my game will get ripped to shreds by the creatures living there. Would like to do things right and not take gamers hard earned cash and give them a broken game, imho. :)

Haha! Ya no worries. Come by the Trello boards if you want and take a look to see if we missed anything

Ya this is pretty cool. I'll be adding your list to the public Trello boards. Really appreciate it.

Hey LazyHippo, 

I had found your wiki a month or so ago and created a post and stickied it.. 


Thank you so much for creating it. Hopefully it will help people out. 

This is awesome. Thanx Kurzidan

I'm working on a better method to make purchases but for the moment, you can just grab a grip and walk out, or place them all in the box and walk out. There are no penalities as long as you have the cash in your chest.

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Hey Grand Corsair,

There is an issue where if you put Grips in and outside of the box, the price doesnt get deducted properly. I do have a fix for it and will have it in the next update :)

Thank you!

Hey Jackatron5000,

Could you leave me computer specs.

Replied to BigMan7o0 in Bug Reports

Hey BigMan7o0,

Thanx for the report. 

The CPU issue is the result of trying to stabalize the games physics, I am looking into it..

Thank you!!

Posted in Port to Linux?

Hey Awesome Games Studios,

Unfortuantely I had to delay Linux release in favor of getting a better build of the game for Windows Users before tackling Linux/Mac builds and the bugs associated. I don't own a Linux based OS so any issues that arise from using it, I won't be able to help.

Replied to h20rq in Suggestion Box

Hey h20rq,

I should have implemented that idea and I will work on it.

Thank you!!

Replied to emil6dk in Suggestion Box

Hey Emil6dk.

Done :) ! It will be in the upcoming patch.

Thank you!

Replied to Lykan3D in Suggestion Box

Hey Thanx Lykan.

Hey LEGION3000,

That's a really cool suggestion. It is on my todo list. The grips were all originaly made in seperate parts with the intent of allowing players to combine them. I'm hoping to have that feature in a future release.

Thanx you!!

Hey GaminExposedYT,

I would like to add grindstones for weapon refining. I started already on weapon refinements and hope to continue doing so for future updates.

Thank you!!

Hey Popfly335. 

Thats not a bad suggestion. I'll take it into consideration.

Thank you!!!

Hey Soviet Stew, 

This is meant to be a simple a game about blacksmithing.. Maybe another game I can have those features next to making weapons. We'll see.

Hey Saturn325,

I am hoping to add Alloys in the very near future. 

Replied to SirAxart in Suggestion Box

Hey SirAxart,

Glad you are enjoying the game :)

I am looking into implementing flails in the game next to your other suggestions. Some of which are on my todo list. 

Thank you! 

Glad to know im on the right track.

Hey Tangoethan,

I took yoiur suggestions into consideration and will lower the default graphic settings.

Thank you!

Posted in The Shop

Hey Mythicbonzo0802,

Not yet!

Replied to NashBot in Bug Reports

Hey Nashbot,

You need to have ingots on the forge to make a selection. The weapon head type is based on how many ingots are on your anvil. If you have 1 ingot, only dagger blades(short blades) are available. If you place 2 ingots your selection options grows. So on and so forth. I'm still updating and the wheel will see some improvements as well.

Replied to Dwarv3nK1ng in Bug Reports

Hey Dwarv3nK1ng,

Thanks for reporting the issue. I wouldnt say don't worry about quality as its still a  work in progress. and has no impact to your prices at the moment.

Replied to Rublue3748 in Bug Reports

Hey Rublue3748,

I did make the adjustments.

Thank you!

Replied to PubbyWinkle in Bug Reports

Hey PubbyWinkle,

I'll look into a more optimal way of switching resolutions. 

Try F11 and see if that changes anything?

Hey Soviet Stew,

I am sorry that you spent all of your money. I am hoping too have every item in the game craftable at one point but at the moment, you'll just have to be more carefull about how you spend your money.

Happy gaming!

Replied to BadCook in Suggestion Box

Hey BadCook,

Shields are not fully implemented so craft them at your risk. Since its in Alpha, I'm still adding features and changing old ones so a tutorial is out of the question for the moment.

Thank you!

Replied to Norbuck in Suggestion Box

Hey Norbuck,

Good point, I made the change. Thank you!

Hey Legion3000, 

Interesting ideas. I'll think about it.

I agree with customers saying please goes a long way but you do get the occasional rude customer. If you don't like them, you can always just cancel the order and shoo them out the door :)

Hey Nomadic,

 I'll have rebinding for the toolbelt in the next update.

Replied to psychoando in Bug Reports

Naw no worries, I still appreciate it. Thanx

Replied to thedude646 in Bug Reports
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Hey thedude646,

There are no malware or spyware or adwares on the game. You can add my game to any exceptions list to any softwares that blocks the game.