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Het DatDonutDoh,

At the moment, our target audience is for PC. When things are more stable we will be turning our attention to Mac/Linux and in the future, console if the need is there.

Hey Whitecoat,

We increased the wait for each customer in the next update.

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Hey fartface,

They will be used to do cool things with the stuff you create.

Replied to Zyroth775 in Bug Reports

Hey Zyroth, 

We did find it and it will not be there in the next update.

Thank you!!

Hey TomeGG,

I cant give a estimated date as of yet as we do have a lot of bugs and performance issues we would like to eliminate first.

All the best!!


Hey TheShade,

Strange, I thought I responded to your message. In any case,

1. You can use a lantern to light your way.

2. There will be.

3. I am hoping to implement weapon/armor/shield repair.

4. It will. No date as of yet as the game still needs more performance improvements  before I bring it to steam.

Thank you!!

Hey Whitecoat,

Appreciate the suggestions. I will take it into consideration.

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Hey WhiteCoat,

The 4th slot is for a lantern. Currently not implemented in 0.0.8. However, it is ready and will be in the next update.

Hey Bauke,


Hey RatelleTheKid,


Hey guys, its no longer cancelled. 

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Hey bohaboss 3_30

I'm hoping I can find someone that will be able to package the project on their Mac for us. 

Hey TiedStatistic,

Probably not! Time will tell.

Replied to DRAK155 in Suggestion Box

Hey Drak155,

Glad you are enjoying the game. 

I am aware of the issues and are working toward the suggestions you mentioned.

Thank you :)

Replied to LazyTurtle in Bug Reports

Hey Lazy Turtle, 

Thanx for the bug report. We are aware of some issues with selling weapons and I do have one of team members looking over the issues with me. Hopefully we'll have a fix for everyone soon.  

Thank you!!

Hey ShayanMS,

A few members of the community wanted to keep the project going, so we're making plans to make that happen. So, although the game is stated as cancelled, we're working towards undoing that and continuing development. You can still leave suggestions in the suggestion section or on my trello page https://trello.com/b/5D8NLeTg/little-blacksmith-shop.


Hey oddly mechanic,

I am aware of the issue and a fix has been created for it.

Thank you!!

Hey TomeGG,

At the moment, I am not sure. I'll make an announcement when things are settled and development of the game continues.

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Hey Arcorior, 

I'll think about it. Albeit the game is meant for everyone to enjoy and I hate having to end that but at the same time, it is a project I was hoping to help further my career as a hopeful game developer. 

Email me your plan on how you guys want to make this work.  If it benefits everyone then I'll definitely consider it. 

Thanx guys!

Posted in Mac and Linux

Hey Mr Creeperthe1,

I am still currently focused on the pc build of the game. In the future, if possible, i'll release a mac build. 

Thank you for your interest.

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Hey CaptainSpaz,

Do you experience low frame rates? Is gaming choppy?

Although your video card is fine but I'm worried about your CPU. 

Also, the game is still being optimised so it's possible that might be the result.

Replied to Beliant in Bug Reports

Thank you!!


Replied to Beliant in Bug Reports

Hey Beliant,

I did manage to fix those issues for the next update. 

Generally, any issues with walking and jumping are a result of using the horse wagon. So, I would recommend using Slipcor's character resets,


And just avoid using the wagon until the next update. Sorry for the inconvenience. Glad you are enjoying the game anyways.. 


Replied to B3Wall in Bug Reports

Ya unfortunately, UE4 can be quite demanding.

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Hey Melidebby,

At the moment, stone serves no purpose so feel free to incinerate the item.

Replied to Elessar in Bug Reports

Glad it helped!

Replied to B3Wall in Bug Reports

Hey B3Wall,

Thanx for the bug report. 

The issue seems to be out of my ability to fix as it is an engine issue. Epic is aware of the bug and as of version 4.17 (MLBSS 0.0.82 is on version 4.15)  is marked as fixed until further notice. 

They've also mentioned that on lower GPU's the issue is more prevalent and could still happen if updated.. 

What GPU are you using btw?

hey Hot Rod Gaming,

Thanx for the suggestions. I want to avoid customers passing thru doors. 

Replied to Elessar in Bug Reports

Interesting and very strange, thanx for the update Elessar

Thanx HappyDeadman12367

Replied to Tejazer in Bug Reports

Hey Tejazer,

I apologise but at the moment the games needs heavy optimisation. You'll also have to make sure your system specs are close to the suggested requirements. Otherwise, I cant guarantee it will work. 

Replied to Elessar in Bug Reports

Hey Elessar, 

I, unfortunately, am having troubles reproducing this bug on my end. Are you able to reproduce the effect with a new game?

Hey Rod, 

Sorry for the delayed response, what does the sign say when you enter the game before it messes up?

Replied to Horia0502 in Bug Reports

At the moment I don't have a release date. 

No worries on the fps.

When you reload back into the game, is the door open or closed?