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Hey VonThunda,

I'll keep your suggestion in consideration. Thank you!

I'm horible with Trello but I think if you subsribe to the board, you can post.

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Hey aaron_penguin,

I'll refer you to this thread. 


Replied to ValiantOrb in Bug Reports

Hey ValiantOrb,

I'm not quite sure why you are having issues with UE4 specifically. I'm assuming it works fine with other games outside of UE4?

It could be a internal issue with UE4

Have your tried changing the game between Fullscreen and windowed mode?

Also, is it possible you have a 3rd party software that  may interfere with UE4, like an antivirus software?

Hey boxcaman10,

Looks like July

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Hey trippypotato,

I would suggest lowering the graphic settings.

Also be sure to check if your computer meets the system requirements.

Hey pacmannerd,

I'm aiming to implement the 2nd shop in version 0.0.9 as well as shields and armor. 

The coming version will let you see your weapons in action.

Replied to ValiantOrb in Bug Reports

Hey ValianOrbm

Unfortunately, you didn't give me enough information to know why the issue is present. Are you running any software that might alter your mouse? Are you sure the game window is active? What are you system specs?

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Thanx Chugo for the bug report. 

In version 0.0.8, we might not see shields implemented. The weapon system still needs perfecting and implementing shields will make things more complicated but i'll come back to reports like yours when I am ready to complete implementation of shields.

Issues with axes should be cleared for version 0.0.8.

Lol. Ya I just noticed. I was pleasantly surprised to see my email flooded with messages. 

No worries Tripster,

I didnt make the feature obvious so most people might not have even noticed it. Good on you and anyone else for finding it.

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Lol! Sounds good. Except don't hurt anyone. 

Hey Thegamingsomebody,

I can add full controller support.

Thank you for reporting!

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Hey Shadowdemon114,

At the moment, this was the middle ground I could find in prices and wait speed for hardcore players and casual players of different age groups . In the future, I hope to implement a difficulty setting that will have scaled prices.

Replied to koalabear1225 in Question

Ya you'll need to use the Radial Menu to access the hammer. hold down the "Z" button and select the hammer head icon. Then you'll be able to craft hammer heads. When you need to switch to blades, do the same thing. Etc..

Replied to Chugo in Bug Reports

No worries!

Replied to W1LL14M in Bug Reports

Hey W1LL14M,

It is a known bug. Sorry for that. 

Still trying to find a solution for the bug.

Replied to Felgrim in Suggestion Box

Hey Felgrim,

I like your suggestion and I'll consider them as well.

Wood is for smelting and later on, cheap weapon parts. Coal will be possible as an upgrade to wood for longer furnace time.

Ya pretty much a noob but thanx to the Blueprint system in Unreal, I don't need years of programming experience to make simple games.  Although, I would highly encourage anyone that wants to make games, to learn a programming language. The skills can transcend to other area's not just games. 

Replied to Chugo in Bug Reports

Oh ok :). 

No problem.

Tbh, I just wanted to practice my french a little..

Depending on how things go and if all goes well, the estimated release should be sometime in July hopefully earlier. 

Replied to Chugo in Bug Reports

Hey Chugo,

It's been too long since i've written anything french so I will try to answer respond the best I can.

Francais: Pour cette version, tu dois seulement avoir une arme sur le contoir ou les client vont prendre le premier arme qu'il voit. Je travail sure une solution.

English: You can't have more than one weapon on the counter or the customers will take whatever they see first. I'm working on a solution.

Replied to koalabear1225 in Question

I'm assuming you are using the radial selection menu by holding down the Z key? 

Hey MrPineapple41,

Thanx for your suggestions. Some of your ideas are already being worked on. 

Glad you are enjoying the game :)


Replied to Hakuto in Question

Something made of nightmares!

Replied to koalabear1225 in Question

Were the ingots in the heated state?

Hey Crimzon Wolf, 

Late reply but I think that's really cool. Would love to see what other people are doing in their shops.


Created a new topic Wiki

Hey guys, 

Wanted to highlight a wiki everyone should check out. 

Would like to thank the creators of the Wiki page for being part of the community and creating this great resource to help other players. 

I am implementing more features to the game and much more in the future and this site will help a lot of players. Thank you!!!


Replied to Vanilla in Suggestion Box

Lol love it! 


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Hey Tripster124567,

Thanx again for your suggestions. 

I wanted to avoid (if possible) using traditional inventory/hotbar systems. I feel it really pulls the player out of the game. I also wanted to keep your screen clean and simple a.m.a.p .  This system definitely is not the best nor perfect but I would like to one-day optimize it so it works better.  If it does require an alternate method, then I will consider something like a hotbar or inventory. 


You can visit my Trello page and leave any suggestions there as well.

Hey spyros2016,

Atm, shop upgrading is not implement. For now, you are stuck in the small shop.

Replied to mrwhity in Suggestion Box

Me too :)

Hey Shadowblade4444,

Glad you are enjoying the game.

I'm hoping to release difficulties for the next update. Thanx for the suggestion!

Replied to Melidebby in Last Update

No worries!

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At the moment. Nothing.

Hammers can only be made with two ingots or more.  Otherwise, the option in the selection wheel stays unselectable.

In the works :)

Hey Shadowblade4444,

I like the idea of giving out quest to  such as fetching materials from the "Players"  and then give them a reward. I believe there were a few other suggestions that were loosely similar. I will consider it. Thank you!

Ya I can definately add Pickaxes for mining. 

Increase the spawn frequency of the customers is something I am working on. I had it in one of the updates to the game but it almost completly broke the AI, so i had to roll back the changes but I am still looking into it. 

Glad you are enjoying the game.

Hey UnknownFox,

Ya I am hoping, in the very near future, to allow players to pick up, move and rotate table, anvil etc.. but also walls, floors, ceiling, etc..

Thank you!!

Hey LazuTurtle,

I am working out some ideas around that concept. Thank you!!