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This and how do I fix it

Cart freaked out on fence and reset itself oreintied to the horse offset
Any ideas on how to remedy this without restarting my save cause it causes several issues but it's saved as the current normal when I close and reopen the game

In general anything relatied to horse/cart and or "Rotation" of character/horse - can be fixed, for now, with slipcor's save fixer

You can find it on the game-page from the link text "All here" near the mention for slipcor there - and one of the last two/most recent versions should work for your situation.

( also just in case - )


also be wary - as the Horse in general is still one of the buggiest parts of the game, and will likely be so for a few updates until more important aspects are hammered in and ironed out.

If you, for example, ride the cart - You may end up with player rotation being off and/or player sheet being inacessible - both can be fixed with the same save fixer program,  and in general, both (the player rotation and horse freakout/rotation/etc) are caused by the horse