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The thing I enjoy most about this game is building my little floating island.  So i'd like to see these features added.

  • Ability to remove/move crafting stations that have recipes in queued in them.
  • Ability to cancel queued recipes.
  • Ability to remove/move storage that has items in it. I have too much food so I can't move my storage cause the contents will never get used up.
  • Ability to toggle floors on and off (lower levels floors are practically impossible to see).
  • Ability to move the camera off the rafts a bit more so I don't have to rotate the camera to look at everything.
  • More furniture, structures and other things to build.

Cool ideas!

In dev version, we have added more operations on crafting recipes, such as cancelling, pausing, resuming, and so no, as you mentioned.

You can press F10 to switch floor view mode.

And there are lots of work on camera controls, we are still working on improving it.

More furnitures are under development.