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Umm where the hell is the rape scene, I came here to fap not hear some whiny bullshit

if you are gonna include rape as a trigger warning. THEN INCLUDE RAPE BECAUSE NOW MY VAGINA WAS WET AS FUCK! But now its dry as a dessert I was honestly about to fap when the dude grabs that things neck but noooo. 3/10 You fucking suck you mentally ill tranny in a dress.

P.S. Fucking use a escape bag you faggot.

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It took long to respond but is this your profile?


If so sorry for the wait...Also

Im SkreeDeeTheCutie

Thank you so much!

Um can you maybe add a bit of a Mouse and camera sensitivity/speed option because sometimes when I move the mouse the camera moves to fast at first I thought it was the graphics so I set it to simple(This actually helped with the lag so that is good) then I tried the game it was the camera that was too fast, in case you were wondering it was on the Windows 2.02 update, So I just wanted to let you know that a mouse camera speed would be a good idea to add because without that it makes the game less enjoyable but overall it looks good

Keep Up the good work!

Can you list the controls?

So close