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New Move

A topic by SayoriTheIcePhoenix created Apr 24, 2017 Views: 124 Replies: 1
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So basically you know how if you move in the direction and you swing the sword it goes the opposite way right. Well I just thought of a move that we don't have for some reason.
When you press S and click you do a huge lunge attack but after you finish it leaves you pretty vulnerableIts very fast so its hard to dodge by jumping over so the right thing to do it to turn and move left/right to dodge.
If we get a MK5 robot (I hope its color will be black with red eyes and some weird design like spikes going up and down) It would be able to use this.

Also if we get a spear weapon in the future it should mainly use this attack

I personally like the fact that when moving backwards you do an overhead swing, so you can either dish out damage or defend yourself while moving backwards